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Aug 13, 2008
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Hey guys.

Can you point yourself to: http://displaymyip.info and see if it works for your country.

The IP displayed will be yours / proxy, unless you are using a dodgy proxy which gives up any headers and there fore your true IP address, in which case your true IP will be shown.

What I really want to test is the line below the adsense ads - does it display your country AND the country flag image?

Only asking as I am getting trouble to get it display the flag each time.

You can feel safe - no cookies / no loggin, just need to give it a good test!

Its working for me too fatboy .....The gReat US OF A lol
UK proxy - shows true as UK - no flag, but adsense showing UK

US proxy - shows US - no flag - all via FFox.
cheers guys - haven't got a clue why the flags don't display all the time!!
At least its not just my PC being a bitch (jeez I have posted about 5 posts today all with cussing in - guess I am having a bad day!!)

Thanks again
Think the flag thing is sorted - cheers again for the help all!
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