*** Ten Ways you can make Good Money Online and quite your Day Job. ***

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    I hope that this will help some of our members think of some new ways that they can make money online.
    If this helps you spark some ideas and you make some money, let us know!

    So you want to ditch slow 9 to 5 office job and join the ranks of web workers?
    But, you're not sure what your options are, or would like some new ideas,
    Before you can kiss your boring job goodbye and be your own boss from now on?

    I'm not talking about advertising or affiliate marketing or selling your junk on eBay. Those are so last millennium! I'm talking about TODAY and what you can do right now.

    1. Offer your professional expertise in an online market place. These days, you can do more than just sell your old books via Amazon and your old Coach handbags via eBay—now you can sell your professional capabilities in a marketplace. No longer are you limited to looking for a permanent or contract job on sites like Monster or Job.com.

    The new breed of freelancing and project-oriented sites let companies needing help describe their projects. Then freelancers and small businesses offer bids or ideas or proposals from which those buyers can choose.

    - Elance covers everything from programming and writing to consulting and design
    - RentACoder focuses on the software, nitch.

    If you're a graphic designer, check out options like:
    - Design Outpost or LogoWorks, you don't have to find the customers, they'll come to you.

    Wannabe industry analysts might sign up for:
    - TechDirt's Insight Community, a marketplace for ideas about technology marketing.

    2. Sell your photos on lucrative stock photography sites. If people regularly get excited your Flickr pics, maybe you're destined for photographic greatness or maybe just for a few extra dollars. It's easier than ever to get your photos out in front of the public, which means it might be a great opportunity for you to build up a secondary income stream.

    Where can you upload and market your photos?

    - Try Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Big Stock Photo.

    3. Blog for money. Despite the explosion of blogs, it's hard to find good writers who can turn around a well-written post on an interesting topic.

    - GigaOM is always looking for bloggers with great content ideas and solid writing skills.
    How do you get noticed? Comment and link to blogging network sites. And of course, write those interesting blog posts.

    4. Or start your own blog network andmake an entire business out of blogs. If you like the business side of things:

    - You can sell advertising, hire and manage employees, attract investors

    5. Provide service and support for open source software. Just because the software is free doesn't mean you can't make money on it.
    But, how about offering support for web content management systems like WordPress or Drupal? After getting comfortable with your own installation, you can pretty easily jump into it.

    - Help other people set them up and configure them.

    6. Online life coaching. Who has time to meet a personal coach at an office? And don't the new generation of web workers need to be met by their coaches in the same way that they work: via email, IM, and VoIP?

    - Check out Pamela Slim of Ganas Consulting and the Escape from Cubicle Nation blog.

    7. Virtually assist other web workers. Freelancers and small businesses desperately need help running their businesses, but they're not about to hire a secretary to come sit in the family room and answer phone calls. As a virtual assistant, you might do anything from making travel reservations to handling expense reimbursements to paying bills to arranging for a dog sitter. And you do it all from your own home office, interacting with your clients online and by phone.

    - You can make $20 and up an hour doing this sort of work, depending on your expertise.

    8. Build services atop Amazon Web Services. Elastic computing on AWS is so cool... and so incredibly primitive right now. Did you know that you can't even count on your virtual hard drive on EC2 to store your data permanently? That's why people are making money right now by offering services on top of AWS. Enomaly has done this with elasticlive, a scalable web hosting platform built on AWS.

    - Make it easier for people to use Amazon's scalability web infrastructure

    9. Write reviews for pay or perks. If you blog for any length of time on a particular topic-parenting, mobile phones, or PCs, for example, you will likely be approached to do book or product reviews.

    - You can get free stuff this way.

    10. Become a virtual gold farmer. A half million Chinese now earn income by acquiring and selling World of Warcraft gold to gamers in other countries. If you're not a young person living in China, this probably isn't a viable option for you. But what's intriguing about it is the opportunity to make real money working in a virtual economy. People are making real-world money in Second Life to.

    - Find a Virtual Economy that you can provide useful services to.
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    I wasnt sure if that was allowed to do or not.

    That is why I cleaned it up. I removed the hyperlinks and I made it easier to read.

    I thought that it was very informative and I hope someone else finds it useful to them as well.

    P.S. I wasnt even allowed to paste your full quote, because of the hyperlink to the site, go figure.. And I've been a member here for several years.
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    Nice post ... learned a few things, and got some pretty sweet money making ideas from it! Thanks