Temporary de-index or sandbox?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Platinum01, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I was recently testing a few methods which involved autoblogging and "doorway" Iframed cpa offers. I tested using both iframes and object tags to pull my cpa offer in my keyword rich urls. I tested multiple urls which were already indexed and no I didn't spin my autoblog content.

    On one of my URL's was de-indexed 48 hours after launching a G PPC campaign. The site was completely gone. site:mydomain.com etc.. Gone 100% Adios.. BTW this was the Iframe with autoblog content generation.

    Now this is what I find odd... after checking and rechecking. Bam! Site came back 3 days later. Only the homepage is indexed? Was the site sandboxed? was the site "banboxed" I thought a sandbox you could still see the url in the serps with a site search?

    Was it a temp de-index does big G do temp de-indexing? Or just a sandbox?
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    if this is a new domain then it really happens. Just keep on creating your backlinks and you'll be fine.
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