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    Hello all,

    We all know that backlinks are the most integral part of any SEO strategy, and we all know a good backlinking campaign must be driven continuously.

    The other day, I wondered how I should manage these huge lists of backlinks. Sure, you can go the "think big" way and setup a database on your webhost and do specific reporting based on SQL queries so that ... you get what I mean.

    "What kind of backlinks did I build yesterday?" "Did I already ping the links I created this morning?" If these questions sound familiar to you, I (maybe) have a cool solution for you.

    I sat down this afternoon and quickly put together a template for an Excel Spreadsheet which I will use to track my Backlinking campaigns.

    You can download it here:

    Let me quickly explain:

    In column A, you put your actual backlinks. Easy, right?
    in column B, you could put the PR of the actual page of the backlink (if you want to track that, if not, you can just leave it)
    In column C, you could put the PR of the domain where the backlink is posted (once again, just if you want to track that)
    Finally, in column D you can put a comment for yourself. I usually mention the method I used to create the backlink.

    You will notice that these rows all do have a certain color. Now, this is just to remind yourself whether the backlink has just been created, or if you already ping it or even find it indexed in the search engines.

    The legend is explained at the right of the sheet.
    At the right side, you will also find the total amount of backlinks in the list.

    I usually create one workbook per project per month, and for each day or backlink blast, I create one sheet.

    You could also elaborate a little further and actually creates formulas to count the indexed backlinks based on the color and make a total for the whole month, etc... Just do what you can imagine and need.

    I hope this is somewhat useful for at least some of you.
    Feel free to modify the sheet and share it with the community.