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    New wii u image contrast

    New wii u image contrast,Contrast the state image Nintendo released at E3 last year while using new one so you?ll notice various cosmetic changes, just like the Wii U logo appearing just below the inline screen about the left (a great deal for predictions Nintendo might rename the console at E3 2012).

    You?ll like to check out the curious icon just beneath the d-pad that almost looks painted on ? a control button? Touch -sensitive area? Something different? There?s another squarish mystery button sandwiched involving the ?power? and ?battery? areas (let?s hope it?s not only a reset switch).

    Of course , if you gaze closely, you?ll spy a grayish revolve around the ?home? button that appears translucent, suggesting it?ll light up if the controller?s turned on. Also, the plus/minus ?select? and ?start? buttons have moved up from your controller?s bottom to its right-hand side, presumably and have more accessible while playing.