Tell us about your daily routine.

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    I know, you guys must be sick of me making these damn threads asking shit. Haha. I like making these because it allows us to take a break from IM and come by the forums and tell us a little about you. I know it makes me feel good when I can connect with others and let them know a little about me.

    So, this one is about your daily routine. Tell us how your day goes by. How you start and how you end. Feel free to write as little or as much as you'd like. However, try to keep simple and readable format....As such.

    My day currently:
    I wake up at about 9-11am, depending on how well I sleep the previously night. I know it's late in the morning, but I'm slightly nocturnal. I then have some breakfast once in a while, or maybe skip. I then take care of my personal stuff like shower, brush teeth, etc...Then I hop in the car with my laptop and my DIY PVC laptop stand, and drive around town taking down information about local small businesses, so that I can build up a lead list for my SEO consulting business. Around noon, a bit of lunch, and continue on until like 5pm or so. Then come home, review all my data, and spend about two hours researching any info that I didn't get by visiting or driving by the business such as e-mails, web addresses, etc...

    After that, dinner time with the family and spend the rest of the night with my girlfriend....Then when she goes to sleep, some Xbox or BHW, and restart.

    This wasn't my normal routine, but it will be for the next 3 days or so :)

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    Aw come on guys. Bump. :(
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    Sorry mate, I've got a day job so I won't be of much help, but I'm curious, why don't you just use Google maps to find the info...isn't that easier/faster/cheaper than driving your your laptop around town for hours on end?