Tell me how links from your site to your site work

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by mollah, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Say you've got a site about basketball. You've got many pages, some of which are about the history of basketball, others are about basketball techniques, etc.

    Assume you've got a menu on the side with an index of all your pages.

    Is there any point to having something on the home page in the text like:

    "Welcome to my basketball site. You can learn about the history of basketball, famous basketball players, and basketball techniques."

    ...where those underlined words are links to other pages on your own site.

    Does that give any extra Google linkjuice to those pages? I would assume "no" because:

    a) they're already linked to on your page (in the menu on the side, remember?)

    b) Link juice doesn't transfer within the same domain (does it)?

    Plus, I figure not only do you have the menu on the side, but you probably also have a SITEMAP which will show Google where all your pages are, too.

    So will Google be any more likely to rank your "basketball techniques" page for a search for "basketball techniques" if you link to it using that anchortext from your own page as I've described here? I'm guessing no.
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    The more links you've got the better those internal pages will rank.

    What most top ranking niche sites do is that they link from one internal page to one or several other related internal pages.

    It seems to work and I've seen that these sometimes show as backlinks on google.

    So go ahead, the more links you've got the better.

    You can also play around with how these links are formatted.

    For example if you've got the same 3 links on your homepage.
    Link 1 can be normal
    Link 2 can be BOLD
    Link 3 can be ITALIC

    That way you got all possible search engine algorithms covered.

    Good luck!
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    Yeah, the short answer is internal links (and link structure) do matter.

    Assuming your homepage has some pagerank, it will be passing that along to the other pages in your site, and it's better to use a target keyword phrase as the anchor text for the link if possible.

    If your menu already has keyword rich links to your pages, adding another to the content of the homepage may or may not be helpful. But if your menu link for the "basketball techniques" page just says "techniques", for example, you could "nofollow" that menu link and instead put a "basketball techniques" link in your page copy. That way you're sending all your link juice through a keyword targeted link.
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    this definitely works. A bunch of my competitors do the same thing. I am in the process of doing it as well now and hopefully it gives me a boost.