Hello People,

How are we? I'm having an issue where My Telegram accounts are constantly banned when I use there API, Any recommendations on what I could possibly do?
You need to change the proxy + geo location and use pc to create account also change the mac address frequently also while creating an account and this might fix your ban issue problem

Everyday, there is a thread like that. Why not keeping the content on a single thread so we can have a real discussion?
Concerning your inquiry, you don't provide enough details. You need to tell us what are you using.
Proxies? New accounts? Geo(shitty indonesian accounts or aged account)?
My take: you are using new accounts, immediately registering an API_ID/API_HASH, without proxies, and you do that
with cheap virtual phone number from a development country.

Telegram doesn't ban on first connection like that OR you are changing the device config wrong / using official API key
without setting `lang_pack`.
If you bought the accounts, you need to reproduce the device PERFECTLY, with residential proxies in the country of the phone number,
and then, wait a lil bit, warm up a lil bit, to finally register a new device, wait 24h, and logout the other one(keeping the same session still leave access to it to the seller, who could
resell it...)
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