Tech N9ne on BET 106 and Park countdown, lets make it happen.

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    Tech N9ne is an independent artist trying to land the #1 spot on the BET 106 and Park Top 10 countdown. I have been following his career for over 10 years and would like to see him finally accomplish this goal. It doesn't take much to help out the guy and I was hoping I could have the support of the BHW community on this one im sure atleast one of you is a Tech fan.

    Things you can do to help.
    1) Vote for his video on the 106 and Park Countdown

    2) Post his Youtube video to your Facebook wall and ask your friends for help. (.com) /watch?v=9UiPlasRCfQ

    3) Post his video to your twitter followers with the hashtag #TechN9ne

    4) Visit and up vote his thread to the top.

    If you guys don't care for rap music that's fine I am sure the majority of you don't I understand but I know this community loves to help and the time you spent spreading this message could be what it takes to make this dream come true. Thanks for hearing me out.
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