TeamSocials 2nd Journey, $300/Day Long term Journey

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    Well Hellllllloooooo there blackhatworld, back here for my second journey - well, posted at least - I've gone on many marketing ventures since then :p

    But to sum up every venture, and my first journey as well, I've learned on thing. Social media fucking rocks, and I'm pretty good with it. My first journey turned into a sustainable, autopilot ~$150 a day now, and it's great. I think having the journey to actually motivate me was a decent reason for my success as well.

    Before we move on, lets get some questions out of the way

    Why the sudden boost of motivation?
    My second most successful venture was a dropshipping ecommerce dealing with, let's say not completely whitehat items. It was all legal and everything, but besides the really nice margins I was getting really annoyed with declined payment gateways and the hassle of dealing with bankers and shit. Not fun, I need a better product, better service, better marketing plan, so I figured why not start from scratch and do everything twice as good?

    What niche?
    Sorry, no-can-do

    How often will you be updating?
    Probably slowly at first, most of it's building assets. Fun part will be post-launch and actually utilizing them.

    What marketing verticals will you be hitting?
    All social media, I'll get into it further down.

    What software do you use?
    Followliker for twitter/insta, and tumblingjazz for tumblr (rootjazz rocks btw, that software is fucking OP... so underrated imo. And no I wasn't paid to say this)

    I spent January 1rst making a rough draft, complete top to bottom to do list of things I will need to do. I spent January 2nd. chronologically organizing them into a day-by-day schedule for optimal times so everything lines up perfectly, i.e. I set up assets so they're ready by the time I need to use them. Then I spent Janaury 3rd. getting absolutely wrecked realizing it's way too ambitious, but I'm not gunna change it. If I get caught behind I better work harder I guess.

    I obviously won't give my whole business plan, and it's a really long list. Don't think this was a regular thing for me btw, first time ever. I never plan anything that's part of a reason why half my projects are such a wreck. Feeling extra confident about this though. Anywhoooo, extra-rough draft of plan:

    1. Select product, name company, product research, get company logo, product research, competitor research, list things they suck at/good at. Contact suppliers of the product (alibaba). Order the product
    2. Make your primary social media accounts in your product niche - like everything, FB Twit IG Tumb, etc. Automate all of them.
    3. Remember Indianbills thread how he raped facebook with adsense? Yeah, we'll be doing that. Already took notes for every page, just condense that into a sequential process which I can hire - and then pass to - VA's.
    4. Start building hierarchial sub accounts for every social network to promote your primary money account. I.E. if niche is car parts, build a honda page, automate it so you never have to see it again.
    5. Set up really sexy website, buy graphics/themes, write extensive things for each page on the website. Oh, and no SEO, no sir.
    6. Find packaging items for the product. We want it in a nice box, not a box that says "from alibaba, made in china." Order those, maybe some included items as well.
    7. Setup affiliate program.
    8. Stuff arrives :} - Now it's time to start marketing.
    • Switch all those primary social media niched accounts to your companies main accounts, and setup automatic retweets/reblogs/shares from sub accounts
    • Make a facebook page and have your facebook accounts promot the shit out of it.
    • Then hit, yeah-know, like reddit and all those sites and whatnot.
    • Forum marketing, hard, I'll have VA do this
    • Paid advertising. I've never done this, so I can't personally vouch, but I have friends making thousands so I'll certainly give her a shot
    • Contact influencers in your niche about the affiliate program, give them niceee margins. Make it enticing. Affiliates = $
    Repeat those steps, add your own twists and get creative, bingo. You'll be rich in a few months. I'll be here to prove it. Or maybe I'll just fail horribly - I guess you guys will find out.

    Expecting launch in ~ a month, profit in 2, bank in 3 :cool: Wish me luck
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    Long time to see you from your first journey :D. Do you still banking with CPI (Ogads) or you made switch to promote product now?
    Anyway good luck with your journey and I'm very expecting to see your updates :)