Team up with an Automation Expert. Looking for someone that has the money making skills but not the programming. Long term money to be made!


Aug 30, 2007
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What I am looking for:
Someone that has a concrete idea, but is lacking the coding skill to make it work. Even if you see an example around on the web and think like "hey this looks profitable but how does he do it?" can be sufficient for a start. I have several starts that way myself!

About me:
4 years ago I made a similar JV thread. You can see my history there.

It's 2022 and I'm willing to work on one of two serious Joint Ventures again. Working with people has always been the most profitable way for me. I am really good at automation, but I really suck at marketing.

From my previous post. I ended up working with 2 guys, 1 quit at the beginning of the project. The other one was pretty serious. Without revealing too much of the details... we listed eBay items through a pretty clever tactic from him. It was 1 week of sleepless nights with coding (because his idea was a good one) but everything was automated. Grabbing the items, posting pictures, descriptions, categories...everything worked perfectly.
Unfortunately, the project wasn't profitable because of the fees per listing, that was in hindsight something so simple we didn't think of. So we had to ditch the project.

I will quote from my previous post because the mentality hasn't changed:

What I bring:
I work best in teams. I can automate every(f'ing) thing. I have automated Scrapebox when it first came out, also automated Sick Submitter to name a few. I code in whatever is necessary: Python, PHP, NodeJS, AutoIT ....

I am NOT looking to build something like Twitter/IG bots unless it's a unique proven method that can not work with the regular bots out there. I am into tying difficult shit together. Automating windows elements, API's or whatever the hell there needs to be automated.
You may think I can steal the idea. But I know for a fact that working with someone for me equals a long steady income.

We can trial for 1 week and see if it works out or not. Don't expect fancy interfaces! My code does the job it needs to do.

I'm in Western Europe and is online most of the days and unlike others, I don't have constant power outages or sick family members... ;)

A guy providing for his family, so for what that's worth you can trust me and see that I am reliable. But only time will tell this.

So if you want to team up then send me a PM with what you have in mind.

What I've been doing recently is automating Google Sites creation (from scratch) plus building a foundation to build large download sites. My previous test looked promising but I had too many pictures and it wasn't profitable with the web space quota, so I am redesigning it. Also doing a little local work for one person through word of mouth (although I'm trying to get him on a monthly payment thing so it's more of a JV ).


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Nov 14, 2018
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What is your experience? I just couldn't get what exactly you can do so we can see if there is a possibility of JV.
Do you experience in etsy? do you know how to list products and market and move products on first page for example? I can bring the products.


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Apr 27, 2017
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How good are you with scraping and API integration? (No coder here, so pardon me if the question sounds silly, but this is what I need)