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    Hi! Has someone experience how i can earn online tax free? Affiliate programs etc? State used my Money for bad things:) please help bro!
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    A lot depends on whether you are a citizen of this or that country. You should do a search of posts in the tax and business section to clear that up. Let's just say you are someone who does not want their financial activity to be necessarily considered or (mis)characterized as subject to the IRS's jurisdiction, if it is not. The methods below mentioned may permit that, and they consist of:

    1. Get an offshore maildrop address. Use it to set up your address for online application purposes. Get a Paypal address or two verified for this (and other processor accounts as needed).

    2. If you must have a US address or Paypal for some purposes, set up a dummy/stealth one (do a search of the methods on BHW, and vendors here or on the web who can help). Try to restrict what money you make from sites under this id to under $600/yr per affiliate/online program.

    3. If you want to have a physical US mailing presence without US reporting hassles, you could consider having a US friend accept your mail at their address (or apply for a US mail drop, using your off shore maildrop address as reference). Now you have a US place for physical mail to go for your stealth PP account. From here, you can apply for physical debit cards (best ones are with 'bank accounts') to link to that PP account.
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