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    Hi everyone, I've always wanted to start a journey thread but was always quite nervous whether I'd be able to stick with it or not. But now I've decided to do this! My goal will be to be making $100 daily by February 15th, 2013 via a combination of SEO & Clickbank. So here is some background before I get into my plan.

    I've already made quite a bit online but then after the penguin update I lost majority of my income. So with the money earned and my own personal investment I've bought some seo tools and have gained quite a bit of experience from my own sites and I'm now going to take a Quality over Quantity approach to SEO.

    The reason I'm creating this journey thread is hopefully to motivate the community and to keep me committed!

    So lets move to the plan now... I've already done the keyword research so here it is. In order to reach my goal I'll be doing SEO for 4 keywords divided into 2 different articles posted on my PURE white-hat authority site. Now the plan is... I'll be doing mainly high quality slow link building to 1 article and grey hat with more links to the other. Statistics are below:

    Domain Stats:
    PageRank: 1
    Linkbuilding History: Not much (probably one Senuke blast about 1 year ago :p)
    Brandable Name: Yes, it is very brandable.
    Article Quality: Very high quality content, 20 x 1,000 word articles which cost me $15-20 each at the time to get written.

    WhiteHat SEO Campaign Keywords:
    Keyword #1 - 8,100 Global | 4,400 Local Exact Searches
    Keyword #2 - 2,900 Global | 1,900 Local Exact Searches

    WhiteHat SEO Strategy:

    GreyHat SEO Campaign Keywords:
    Keyword #3 - 1,900 Global | 1,300 Local Exact Searches
    Keyword #4 - 1,300 Global | 880 Local Exact Searches

    GreyHat SEO Strategy:

    Daily Routine:
    Write 5-10 unique relevant articles.
    2.Manually create 5-10 backlinks for WhiteHat SEO Campaign using articles.
    3.Update this journey thread.

    So that's all the details I guess. Note that this is the first month's strategy, next month I will probably change the strategy a little and I'll update it in the same Bubbl.us link if possible. Also I'll be trying to stick to daily 5 articles which takes me about 1 hour and 15 minutes daily to write, 15 mins each 500 word article, unfortunately those 75 minutes are EXTREMELY boring and drains your energy like a 45 min HIIT run lol. Over the course of this journey I also want to increase my articles from 5 daily to maybe 20-30 daily.

    Anyways I hope people find this journey helpful and please post here as it will motivate me and any tips, advice or criticism is appreciated also fire away any questions you might have :)
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    Good luck with your journey man. Instead of writing articles on your own (since you don't seem to be too keen to do them on your own) it would be better down the road to start outsourcing that part.
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    Yes, I'll definitely be doing that later on but initially I want to write them myself even though I have the money to outsource them because it will develop great qualities in me such as a hardworking and persistent mindset. Also it will help newbies see that you don't need money to make money.
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    Is it a review site?

    You can get some nice traffic to your site by using social platform like
    1) facebook
    2) reddit
    3) youtube
    4) instagram
    5) Yahoo answer

    Try to build a list so you can convert your visitors on the long term.

    Goodluck, i'll be watching this :)
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    Goodluck with your journey, I just have a question :
    are you writing 5-10 articles daily for those 4 keywords only ?
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    Good Luck Buddy,
    Hope you will be successful and we will always be with :D
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    The domain is an authority site with some high quality content talking about the niche but the articles I'm targeting clickbank product reviews. Thanks for the advice, yes I'll probably include some social links into my white hat strategy but I don't really want to risk fiverr gigs on that campaign :S.

    Actually I'm writing 5-10 articles for 2 keywords (the WhiteHat SEO Campaign), for the grey hat campaign (keywords #3 and #4) I'm just going to let GSA run 15 backlinks daily on PR 2+ domains for a month with super spun content.

    Thanks a lot for the motivation :)

    Since this thread is kicking off quite good, I'll just say I've already written today's 5 articles and I still have 15 hours till I sleep lol I'll try write 20+ articles today since I feel totally pumped from the feedback of this thread :) once again thanks a lot guys!
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    Home Page:
    Good luck Tash! Hit me up on skype if you need any help :)
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    Goodluck, watching u
  10. veheme

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    Well, that can be encouraging for some and creepy for others :p

    TO OP, you can do it! :)
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    So this is my first update. I've written 10 articles. Since I was doing my university assignment since morning I didn't get much time to work on the articles but still managed to write 10 today. I created 10 high PR web 2.0s with each article. So tomorrow I'll put the next 5-10 into these same accounts until I have 3 articles in each web 2.0 before moving onto the next 10.

    I've also decided to make a change to the WhiteHat SEO Strategy. I'm reducing the 200 wikis down to 100 High PR Wikis since recommended by Tommy that "high pr or not, wikis are pretty spammed to death" so I've decided to use less of them but to compensate I'll be adding 50 Jcow & 50 Elgg links drip fed over the month. For some guys this may sound like too little backlinking but don't forget I'm only targeting 2 keywords with this campaign. Also the point of this campaign is to build more over time, as the months go on I will increase the number of links.

    Also thanks to some great tips from Tommy, I'll be using Twitter for indexing the tier 1s (along with the tiered linking).

    Last thing I want to say before heading off to bed is, THANKS to everyone for the support, I can feel myself getting closer to success by the hour!
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  12. Vic Sage

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    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Home Page:
    Finally an SEO journey! Seeing the diagrams I must admit you did your homework :) I also use the same techniques for all medium competitive sites.

    Sub'd as well. Cheers.
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    Wishing you the best of luck mate, will be following
  14. TashCorp

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    Thanks for the support. I wanted to ask you, which diagram are you using for your medium competitive sites? the whitehat one or the GSA campaign one? This is the first time I'm using GSA so I'll take all the advice I can on it :)


    Today was a pretty dull day since I've got the flu, so has everyone else in my house lol Anyway despite the raging headaches I managed to write 3 unique articles, 1 super spun readable article 80% uniqueness in TBS and I also completed a 1,350 word product review for my GreyHat campaign article, I've posted that on the money site and its ready to start building links to now. I just need to get a super spun article written for that and then I'll let it run in GSA.
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  15. Vic Sage

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    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Home Page:
    I use the almost the same diagram, but not only that, but also a lot other secret things :)

    Alright, as I believe you need it, let's get down to business.

    Tier - 1:

    • 50 High PR Web 2.0's
    • High PR D*F****w Blog Comments
    • 30 Doc Sharing sites
    • 30 TOP Article Directories (+5 EzineArticles)
    • 50 TOP Wikis
    • 30 Top video sharing sites

      [*=left] High PR Blog Posts
      [*=left]30 Guest Posts

      [*=left] 1000 social bookmarks dripped over 10 days

      [*=left] 20 EDU blog posts with unique content

      [*=left] 50 Question and Answer links

      [*=left] Press Release Submission through TOP News Wires

    Details of Tier - 1: Web 2.0's, Doc shares and wikis must have 3-5 posts/property randomly. Not 3 posts for all properties or 5 posts for all properties. It MUST be randomized. Do not post all at once! Post once a week. For each property, 1 post should link to an authority site, 1 post should have 2 links to your site with one of the main keyword and 1 with generic anchor. 1 post with 2 links to your money site, 1 to raw url, like - http://yoursite.com and 1 with long tail keyword. All properties must have 1/2 image and 1 video per post.

    For high PR blog posts, use Kay Tee's or Ryanjm's network. The high pr blog comments must be D*F**** and preferably PR4+. For EDU Blog Posts, try Tom4business' "Edu link funnel". For Q&A links, try DX-Generation's service.

    Tier - 2: Around 10000 Wikis, 2000 article submission to all Tier - 1 links. High PR PR1+ blog comments to the Web 2.0's, doc shares, wikis, blog posts, guest posts and edu blog posts. Low OBL scrapebox blast (preferably 30000+) to high PR blog comments and Q&A links. Retweets to the web 2.0's.

    P.S. Do not send any links except High PR1+ blog comments to the private blog network posts.

    Tier - 3: Around 100000 TRACKBACK blog comments to all Tier - 2 links and Tier-1 social bookmarks.

    ALL Tier-1 and Tier-2 links should be sent to Lindexed. Do not force index your Tier-1 links or ping all of them at once.

    I never used GSA, so can't comment on that :)

    Useful threads:

    Generic Anchors:

     read this
    read more
    read here
    find here
    find this
    find more
    Click Here
    Clicking Here
    Go Here
    Going Here
    Read This
    Read More
    Find Out More
    Discover More
    Learn More
    Read More Here
    Discover More Here
    Learn More Here
    Click This Link
    Visit This Link
    Home Page
    Visit Website
    Web Site
    Get More Info
    Get More Information
    This Site
    More Info
    Check This Out
    Look At This
    Full Article
    Full Report
    Read Full Article
    Read Full Report
    Get the facts
    Related Site
    Recommended Reading
    Recommended Site
    Visit Your URL
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    Your Domain Name
    article source
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    Additional Info
    Continue Reading
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    Extra resources
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    Our site
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    More about the author
    helpful hints
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    next page
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    find out
    click here
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    click to read more
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    blog here
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    imp source
    site link
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    my link
    Creating super spun articles:

    1) Get 6 tip-based articles from wikihow, eHow, and/or article directories

    2) Divide them into 3 groups of articles, which means 2 articles in each group
    (i.e. A & B = Group 1, C & D = Group 2, E & F = Group 3)

    3) Combine A & B (in spin format) in sentence levels, C & D in sentence level, and E & F
    in sentence level
    (Try to make it flow, however this‟s not necessary and as long as it is readable in each
    sentence, you‟re good to go)

    4) Now you have 3 articles that are spun in sentence-level.

    5) Combine the 3 articles (in spin format) in paragraph level. This could be done pretty
    quickly and shouldn‟t take you more than 5 minutes

    6) Now you‟ve got ONE article which is already spun in sentence and paragraph levels; this
    article should still be 100% readable since these are tip-based articles, so be confident
    to move on
    (The task of combining articles in sentence-level and para-level is actually an easy job; it
    shouldn‟t take you more than 30 minutes to do)

    7) Spin the article in word-level.
    (*Note: In order to make it readable even after spinning, you shouldn‟t spin every single
    word/phrase, just spin WHEN you think the word is easily spinnable. For each word you
    spin, choosing 2-3 synonyms would be enough, however you can choose more if it‟ll
    easily make sense)

    8) Combine at least 20 titles (in spin format) and spin them in word levels. For this, you
    can just go with the titles of the 6 articles and grab 4 more relevant titles in any article

    For Generating Spintax:

    For Making Un-spun Edition:

    Cheers :)
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    Good luck and I hope you will keep us updated along the way...

    Too many of these threads die out after a week or so...
  17. TashCorp

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    Dude, all I gotta say is... YOUR a legend! :) I was simply expecting a yes or no answer instead you gave me your entire strategy lol. Thanks for your recommendations, most of what you build for tier 1s I was already going to do but that will be 2nd month and 3rd month with probably be High PR blog networks IF I'm not already ranking. I don't think I can rep you but if I could I would!

    I understand your concern man. You probably won't believe me if I say I won't quit but just know this... I want it as bad as I want to breathe (credit to ET :p).


    I'm still under a lot of fever since morning I've pretty much been in bed all day. Anyway, I wrote 5 articles from my dad's laptop in bed. I wrote a 1,100 word product review for the WhiteHat seo campaign. Most of you might be wondering why I started the link building before even writing the content for the whitehat campaign lol actually I hate writing product reviews but I'm good at them so at the time I decided to make this journal I thought to myself "Just get started with whatever, make the first step" so that's that.

    Also below are a list of all the videos I watch daily in the morning. When I get lazy I watch video #1 and it gets me back to working my ass off lol I have a lot of other projects I'm running (along with this journey) which is why I'm quite busy throughout the day, but I'll work on this journey every day without fail and update for you guys ;)

    Video #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i3g-RvC-iA&feature=related
    Video #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsSC2vx7zFQ&feature=related
    Video #3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk56VxaeqEQ&feature=related

    If you want to increase your productivity WATCH THESE VIDEOS DAILY & Watch video #1 when you feel lazy or want to quit.
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    Today I've been busy with my assignments so didn't really have much time for writing articles but I wrote 1 super spun readable articles which was 77% unique in TBS. I'll be using this for the drip feeding of wikis for the WhiteHat campaign, I'll start it up sometime tomorrow hopefully.

    Nothing much else to say really. Hope you guys are following the journey till now :) I might add GSA to the WhiteHat strategy as tier 2 maybe, I'll do the planning tomorrow. Anyway, signing out!
  19. TashCorp

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    Ok so today I've been quite busy mucking around with GSA, I've watched the tutorials, read on the forums for various strategies for targeting directly to money site and so before I run the campaign for my greyhat campaign, I've done some testing on one of my testing MNS which I basically just try out different seo strategies to see what works and what doesn't. From my experience I will admit, I didn't have such high expectations but GSA is a pretty solid tool! Within MINUTES i got a lot of contextual links coming from PR 1+ (domain PR). Most of them were PR 5s to 8s which was fantastic.

    I've harvested my own list for UD which took about 2 days to scrape and submit into the software and I got quite a few high pr social networks in it but upon posting very few successful posts on PR 1+ domains but GSA was much better and faster too.

    Also, I wrote another 80% super spun readable article. Tomorrow I'll be setting up GSA for the greyhat campaign and UD for the whitehat campaign (wikis/jcow/elgg).

    Anyway, I'm out :)
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    i have some MNS with ~1000 exact search, i will follow this topic, nice bro