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    Hi there,

    I am asking myself which way is the best to target several niches.

    Let's assume the following situation (just an example):

    I am totally into cars and want definitely blog about cars

    I found several good niches like:

    • Niche on Porsche doors
    • Niche on Ferrari Tuning
    • Niche on Renault wheels
    • Niche on cheaply get rid of your wrecked car

    After reading/watching a lot of stuff about niche marketing many suggest to start a new blog for every niche. In the other hands there are those "monster" blogs which target several niches in one blog.

    What is the better approach and why? I would like to go the way to add several niches into one exciting blog but just wanted to ask if this is right and just wanted to hear some opinions
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    May 15, 2009
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    ping ping ping
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    My advice is based on what I experience with my blogs.

    I always target micro-niches and launch the site based on one KW.
    Once it starts ranking I decide if I want to add more related keywords. It all depends on available products for those keywords (I do affiliate marketing).
    Based on your example it would look something like this:

    Start: Porsche doors
    Added KW's: Porsche wheels
    Porsche seats
    Porsche cdplayer
    Added KW's: Ford doors
    Renault doors
    Opel doors

    Building the site is easy. The hard work is getting it ranked. For this you'll need backlinks.
    Building related backlinks for a tightly focused blog is a lot easier than building for a megastore.

    I want my sites to make money as soon as possible, so i want them ranked as fast as possible.
    I concentrate on one gets makes money...I go on to the next niche.

    In the end a mega-site might make you the same money as 5 single-niche sites together.
    It only takes longer before you will see any of that money.
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