Targeting a huge list of keywords using GSA [Help]

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    I have a lot of keywords to target in the niche I'm targeting, I found a lot of them have low amount of searches, but combined together it's a lot.

    So, let's say my keywords are like this:
    how to remove virus
    virus remover
    virus cleaner
    virus remover 2014
    removing viruses from computers
    remove virus
    remove computer virus
    virus free computer
    remove virus for free
    virus cleaner antivirus
    computer anti virus cleaner

    This is just an example, except I have like 70-80 keywords per niche, so my main problem is how do I use GSA to make backlinks for each of them?


    So, do I just place ALL of them as Anchors? If so, then GSA will not create links for all of them I think? Because last time I tried this, it chooses randomly keywords and some keywords get chosen randomly a lot of times, others very few times and therefore the backlinks end up not being splitted in a good way. What would be a good way to target these keywords while building equally amount of backlinks to each keyword?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Use "Partial match anchor text", "Secondary match anchor text", "Branding anchor text" etc. for them