Targeted "humanlike" comments with Scrapebox


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Apr 7, 2010
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Hi guys,
I want to figure out how to auto-post comments that look like manual.

Yes, there will be spinning of comments for variety, but I want to write long comments.

Now, for that lisst of blogs need to be segmented well. But can they be?

For example i used blogfinder in the past and even when I searc a word, let's say "travel", some blogs that i visited to comment manually would have nothing to do with the subject.

is there a way to search keyphrases in the URL or keywords domain itself? Or narrow down by some other parameters?
HRefer can do this, or a PHP script can as well. Both pretty simply.
Use allintitle search. That will help

allintitle search in SB? where does it search? ion the page title? domain?

a PHP script can as well. Both pretty simply.

I don't program. Is it available anywhere on here? Hferer seem to cost $, what exactly does it do?
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