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    Currently I have a large number of Facebook fan pages that need targeted fans sent to them, with more fan pages needing fans daily. I've tried services on here and fiverr etc but the quality of fans is poor. I can see that ordering supposedly US fans for a page seems to get me spammy people from the middle East and East Asia 90% of the time. This is not good enough for the clients I have.

    Im looking to work with someone asap who can bring targeted fans to a range of Fan pages on a regular basis. This might involve more work than just creating fake good looking girl profile and joining a bunch of groups and waiting for invites from horny guys. This is not the sort of quality I want.

    I am willing to pay a reasonable amount and can pay by Paypal. Please don't email me with no references asking for a gift (personal) Paypal payment, its not going to happen. Anyone thats good enough should have a reasonable set of references from somewhere.

    If you are serious send me a quote of how much you charge and contact details via PM or reply. I've posted this in freelance because I would also consider hiring someone to so this on a monthly payment basis. I can't send PM replies yet (I think) so make sure you include contact details outside of BHW.

    Thanks all!