Taking Credits For NOT your sites?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by SpellZ, Jul 11, 2010.

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    So far I only have one website under my belt (code + design), the price of that site was $2500, its hard to find customers like that. I want to reach to the $300 - $700 market, but I don't have any sites. Can I just find some blogs and claim them as my own? Or something?

    Like.. I don't want to show them just one site that I've made...:confused:
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    Are you asking us for permission to..?
    Sure, fine by me. :D

    The owners of the blogs might not take too kindly to it, though.
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    Not only is that a rotten and unprofessional thing to do, I suspect that it will come back to haunt you, and you will lose credibility and income. Furthermore, what's going to happen when a customer wants a site like the one they thought you built, and you try to build it and fail miserably because you haven't got the skills? The fact that you're asking if it's okay to claim other people's work as your own suggests to me that you're not very good at what you do. If you were, it wouldn't be a problem to spare a weekend and come up with a few original designs.

    If the owner of the design finds out what you've done, prepare for potentially bad consequences. Your question reminds me of a funny but true story...There was a web designer who put his resume up online, and he linked to the website of the company that I was working for at the time, saying that it was one of the sites that he had designed. (Actually, it was designed by me.) You want to know what we did to this jerk? We added referrer-checking code to our site so that if any visitors came from his web page, they would be redirected to a very nasty place with all sorts of NSFW pictures.
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    It's not particularly fare on the person who actually designed the site, plus you are likely to get found out since most designers tend to put links to themselves at the bottom of the website.

    I know it's difficult starting out. I actually suggest doing some actual promotion work. Get out in to your local community and start talking to local businesses. There's also sites like Elance if you want to make some quick money as well. It would also help if you did some sites for free for a few people so you can get some testimonials as well.

    Passing off others work as yours will eventually come back to bite you in the arse!
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    Well, it's about quality, not quantity.

    1. If you can show your potential customers that the 2500 site is impressive, then eventually someone will hop on, and it will start rolling into a 'snowball' per se.

    2. Also, maybe to make yourself sound legit, say you just started your own company and you do infact have more websites in your portfolio, but due to NDA's (Non-disclosure agreements) or contractual agreements with your previous employer, you are not allowed to technically claim it as your own personal work.

    The 2nd one is straight up lying and I don't condone it at all. And it could eventually come back and bite ya in the ass.
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