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    So here's something pretty interesting. I don't know if this is an issue everywhere, or just around me, but here's something pretty damned crazy that I discovered by accident. I think it's a bug in the Wells Fargo system. The short version is that savings withdrawals done later in the day post, and then disappear the next morning, (with the money back in your account, available for withdrawal) for at least 1 business day.

    This has happened twice now in the last 2 weeks. The first time it *almost* caused me to overdraw my account by over $10,000. They let me withdraw the same money twice...I thought the second time I was withdrawing money that I was expecting to come in, but actually hadn't yet. The withdrawal finally showed up again and everything was settled on Monday night (the next business day) but had I not realized what happened and put the second withdrawal back in, my account would have been sunk by over $10K until the money I was expecting arrived.

    The second time was yesterday. Made a withdrawal Tuesday night. All day Wednesday and Thursday, the money was back in my account and I could have withdrawn the same money. The withdrawal just posted about an hour ago, so the money is back out of my account, but I had 48 hours to take the same money out a second time.

    Food for thought :).
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