Take Advantage of Highly Searched Low CPC Keywords

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    Have you ever thought you had a good MNS keyword with a nice number of monthly searches, low competition, but then realizes the CPC wasn't even $0.50? I personally hate when this happens, but I have found a way to take advantage of the high number of searches to make some money off the keyword.

    There is a site called ExpertsColumn that pays $1.50 per 1000 views, regardless of what you've written about. The articles also tend to rank VERY well in search engines, even without much backlinking. Almost everything I write about (low competition keywords) end up within the first two pages of Google. Some even end up above the fold on the first page. What I really like about this site is that even your oldest articles get viewed. I have an article I submitted in September that still gets a couple views each day.

    So anyways, to take advantage of this, find a highly searched, low traffic keyword. Find an article related to it and rewrite the article, making it at least 80% unique and adding your keyword in. This really doesn't take that much time; I can do this in under 30 minutes.

    This site is very strict about spun/ duplicate content so you have to be careful in that regard.

    What I do like is that it will pay you upon request whenever you get $5 or more.

    Hopefully this helped some of you new people on here, looking for ways to make money.

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