***TAKE A LOOK*** Was my site hit with SPAM links?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ipcorp, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Check out the attached image. As you can see my client received a spike in back links during July. A few weeks after the spike in back links my clients site lost major rankings?? I build back links very carefully but I did buy a package from a vendor from here back in March 9th. It included article directory and wiki links pointing to my money site. I am almost certain this is the case.

    But this is back in March and it took Google that long to index them and penalize the site? Im hoping it wasnt because of the spike in back links from the vendor I would like to use them again. Thats just wishful thinking, because I did around 400+ links to my clients site. But that also include inners pages.

    Would anyone like to comments? What should I do to regain rankings?

    I guess I should mention that our High PR links from highprsociety were dropping and I honestly didint think it would matter. But I lost 2 PR2 and 3 PR3 links because I didnt pay for the credits and honestly didnt think it would matter.

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    Try checking out the backlinks once again using ahrefs.com and it will shoe which of the links were indexed during that period, you can sort them out and draw a conclusion.
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    Looks unnatural to me... I do a max of 10 links per keyword when i purchase services here. And i avoid shitty wiki links for my money site and use only for 2nd or 3rd tier
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    This also highlights how shitty Google's algo is in that it is susceptible to negative SEO which they've always said you can't do. SMH.

    Anyway, I hope you get your rankings back. Google is rewarding authoritative sites present day along with sites with some social activity. Anything you can do to head in that direction will help.

    Good luck to you!