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T_T Black hat Tired of this game, come on, talk to me :D

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Stalk, Oct 5, 2013.

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    Jan 12, 2012
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    i'm making my money with internet more than 2 years now, in local market (spain, france, germany etc...). I'm not "pro" with seo, i understand concept and idea and stuff like this but always hire someone to do it, cuz' have so many website to promote, and not so much time and confident to do it myself. (Lazy maybe too)

    Anyway that's not the point :rolleyes:. I have work on many micro-niche, niche, but i have one more competitive, my money one i would like to say, and it's fuuuuuuuulllll of blackhat, Luckily (or not ?) i was top 3 on this keywords twice time, for few weeks/months, and my income was "OK" at this moment. A lot of people know it on this forum i think, like when you think, you are on the top and start to make some plan where you will invest your future money you will earn.

    Ahhhhhhhh feel good :"Maybe try this niche and this one and this one" *using windows calculator* "ok if i double my income from now maybe in 3 years i will have enought money to do something else and invest in cheap paradise country !"

    but yeah 3 days later your website is PENALISER/PAGE5/PAGEUNKNOW/DMCA etc... and your income is not double is -75%. :D :D :D

    When it's happens i'm always share between two sentiments : "oh SHIT ! I WILL NEVER REACH THE FUCKING MILLION $!" (not even the 6 figures :rolleyes:) and "That's ok... i reach the top, made money, not go in factory to do it, now it's finish, let's work again to be able to do it maybe one more time". But i never give up. Give up to do what ? No thanks.

    But now i start to feel like TIRED of this game. That's maybe why i'm writing this topic right now. I always have little more niche who help me to "survive" anyway like pay food and stuff like this. ------- Ok i stop crying now, i'm not BTW, just writing some funny feeling about this work, working on internet, is one of the coolest work, but very stressful and unpredictable such as a poker pro maybe.

    So now here is the real part of this topic. Every time i try to understand why this website hit the top. I try to analyse, on page seo, and offcourse seo techniques used. i will not describe this one year : this is fucking random !! To be clear, the 2 websites in this niche where i make the more money, was the poorest on page work i've done, i never do something bad, quality of my website are ten time better than my competitor. But in a LOT of website i've done, yeah the 2 money website was in the low level.

    That's kind of discouraging because i put a lot on effort on my on site website and what i actualy see it's google not really care about it. Maybe others one was SURoptimised by someway ? Not sure why not...?

    After i try to analyse my competitor, and there is the real story. A lot of rubbish website, not even written in the correct langage, with a lot of duplicate content, poor content. Can't really analysed seo they use, because i'm not "PRO" with this. but the meta are like CRAZY nothing to do with the product they try to sell, the url is pretty the same i dont know where they get it, maybe expired domain maybe hacked not sure.. and some of thoses website are ranking for month now (rarely more than 2 months wich is great in regards of the quality :D)

    this fact make me like MORE tired, my first strategy why i start to do it , it's just was because i know i can do better website and content, is what i do now. I was not really aware about SEO stuff, but in fact i realise blackhat is more powerfull than content. Even content using blackhat (like me) vs no content + blackhat is always the best techniques who won. The content don't really matter that's much.

    To understand maybe you need to know i spend a lot of time on a single website, i make 5or6 by months. But my competitor i know what they do now i'm more in this business. They have a lot amount of ref in cvs files. Just buy a domain name, upload it, use a "ok" design and that's it. About 1hour of work maximum. After everything is about black hat, black hat, black hat.

    Ok so know you think "hey why this guy explain me all this life, i don't really care" or "cool story bro" but i just want a point of view with someone using black hat. Because i'm not involve in any community of this kind of work, and the people i can talk with is people who understand this shit less than me, not very useful :D

    Should i continu in my strategy and try more and more to obtain cool seo guy who can bring me at the top with my good on page seo. Or should i change my stuff and try to do as my competitor, mean, learn very blackhat shit method and try to play the same game as they do.

    What is your point of view in competitive niche ? Are you happy to reach sometime the top, or it's possible for a single man or a team of 2 to be efficient to always have a website in the top 10 ? (because i have always 2 website behind the first one who wait to be seo).

    Does exist some very blakhat technique who can bring you at the top 5 ? What are they? I'm pretty sure my competitor use like the worst technique on earth. i just would like to know how they do. They use a lot of 301 this i'm sure. I don't.

    Do i need to change my way to work like - make a good quality website - hire someone for some greyhat technique - wait for some result or not - hire someone again - pray god - OUTCH slapped by gooel - make a new good quality website - etc...

    And if someone is able to help me with blackhat method we can talk about money share etc ... Give a try or something :)

    Thanks to read me i think many people who do the same as me will understand me :D