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Sep 8, 2015
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Reviews & Testimonials:

My Review so far:
SERP Movement?
Although I haven't had much movement only 2 links have showed up in Google webmaster tools so this doesn't really matter
Website design:
The websites are designed really well, now 99% of the PBN's on BHW will not pass a manual review even with a newbie drunk google employee that doesn't even specialize in webspam. This is one of the only PBN's I've seen that stand a chance of not getting deindexed by a manual review.
Well I only have 2 links to compare so these are probably not accurate
TF: 13
CF: 24
DA: 25
PA: 35
RD: 150 +
OBL: < 10
As you can see the links are pretty nice, the price is quite steep but you get really well made sites and powerful domains.
Would I recommend?
Anyone who wants incredibly safe links would love this service, the links are really well hidden and the content surrounding them is relevant. The links themselves aren't out of the ordinary but the OBL is really low.
What I would recommend:
The price is literally the only downside about this service, this service is easily one of the best ones available on BHW except for maybe 1 other.

My review : These are real deal. Ordered 3 link package originally, will definitely upgrade to 10 (add 7 more)

Review Time
Although its quite early to post a review but i am really impressed with quality and metrics of sites and the way OP has protected his network from the eyes of competitors. So far i have seen some serp movement i am sure it will be increasing more and will reach the top 5 results.
Will place more orders.
Good Job OP

I've been using T-Ranks since February this year and I must say this is one of the best link rental services here on BHW. In fact I recently upgraded one of my packages from Raptor to Spino-10 since the links were so effective at boosting my site rankings. In a nutshell, I can vouch for T-Ranks in terms of network quality and great customer support.

Link is live. Had some issue about the confirmation email, I contacted the seller and he said there were problems with their email that caused delays, assured me that they were fixed and said the links were already live 3 days ago. I contacted Tiiberius via PM here and he responded within a couple of hours. Which is great.

I am currently ranking #3 for my KW on G - USA.

Partial review:

Also, this is not the first time that I've ordered PBN for my site, I ordered quite a few on BHW already on my test sites, and only one seller passed (yeah, sucks I know) that I then used on my other main sites. I won't name the other seller nor will I give the name of the service even if you PM me. The only problem that I have with this "other seller" is that unlike, Tiiberius' service, their minimum package is 10+ links only, which isn't really cost-effective for me since I have to rank A LOT of pages, and PBN links isn't my only source of T1 links. So most of the time, I only need a handful of quality PBN links.

Which is why I decided to jump the gun and ordered from Tiiberius, which I then pointed to my main website right away, because, if it turns out to be crap links (I really hope it isn't), my site won't tank from the SERPS since the package is only 1 to 7 PBN links - very few. Which is all you ever really need if you target easy to medium competition. That, and a handful of other quality T1 links (this is from my own experience only). If I see some movement, I will be a regular customer for sure. That, and as long as the customer support is consistent.

I'll be keeping my eye on SerpBook for this KW, after 2 to 4 weeks (or if it takes more time), I will be quoting this post and update you all. And no, I'm not like those other dudes who says that then never gets back again :D


Largest keywords went from nowhere straight to page 2 and I only used this PBN service no other so I know for sure that these results comes from this PBN. That was only 10 links, i ordered 10 more links and i will post update if i see some significant improvements in SERP, I am confident that I will reach top 5 with these links.

My links just went lived. See some positive increasing. Not my main key but it's maybe very good signals in overall.
Tibor is very good.




Very impressed with network. above ranking i got with 10 links.

any one who purchasing from this network, he must use anchor diversity wisely.

thanks alot man.

Review: My site was bouncing in the 7-6 range and now it's 3-4. Pretty sweet with only 3 links. Competition is fairly high.


small review, rankings after 1 month

Tibor is one of my trustworthy providers when it comes to PBN links.
His links is very powerful and his communication is very responsive. He's always response to my reply in a very short time.
None stop of that, his PBN is very very secured and they way his setting up is blowing up my mind!
No any footprints and look like a real blog, I mean it would pass any manual review from my points of view and experiences.
My point: 9.5/10

Recommended it!
Go for his service if you're in serious business!

I just say it's the great, not less!
You pay for the result. you will not bet on the future, just result.
This is my result.
I've paid for one year. I will order again for my other websites.

Got Amazing Results Using T-Ranks. Highly Recommend his service.


I have used OP network for almost 9 months. The result is hands down amazing. It is the best network I have seen so far and the only "public" PBNs that I would think they are real blogs when coming across.

I have made a new order of 20 links. I look forward to seeing great result.

Tibor is the man.
He's my go to guy for PBNs and the results speak for themselves:
View attachment 101009

This is just one of many keywords from my clients websites that have seen improvements.

I vouch for this dude!

My links (3) have been live for a week or so. I have already seen initial improvements. Average place for all keywords have improved from 17 to 9 in only a week.

I expect more improvement within 60 days.

Ordered 3 links for 1 URL (Easy keyword).
It's only 1 Month and the main targeted keyword still the same ranking #3.

However, what I saw is that a LOT of many long tail keywords started to rank at Top 3.

Communication is great.
Sites metrics are good also.
The sites don't look like the default "Public Network Blogs", So it's good.


(embed doesnt work for some reason)
Just paid for 2nd month and already seen great impovement for target page that is high comp national keywords with just 10 links as a test, as well as all other keywords for this site! Interested in using your links on other sites as well, please shoot a coupon if possible :)

I could see significant improvement in many longtails within 2 weeks of links going live, which was surprisingly fast.

This guy is very helpful & knowledgeable in SEO, so this is exactly what happened : Recently placed an order for my money site and asked him if that URL was properly optimized, and after going through it he advised me that it was over optimized and that I should de-optimize it.

I followed his advice and made the changes and logged onto GWT - fetch & render.
The result ? Within 24 hours I noticed some strong movements in KW rankings.


A month ago I published an article and targeted 5 KWs with decent MS and due to over optimization I didn't rank for any of them, so what I did was I went for the same strategy I applied on the previous URL.


His customer service is excellent, he helped me to pick the best anchors for the PBN campaign.

Thanks mate.

His links get the job done! Go for it! I grade it as some of the best PBN links out there.
Highly recommend!

I've been working with @tiiberius for quite a while now and I'm always really impressed with the quality of the links he offers, highly recommended. This really is one of the best services available on BHW.


Nice results man! I have ordered the biggest package previous week but not received the report yet. Hopefully I will get it soon and it seems you have results already within 7 days!! @tiiberius send me the update and rankings asap I cannot wait to see it and very excited!!

One of the best networks on BHW with no doubt.
I've been working with them for more than 4/5 months & almost every time the links go live I see GOOD push in rankings.
Highly recommended!

I decided to write a review of T-Ranks since the results have been amazing. See for yourself (my UI is Finnish but you probably get the idea):

Plan: Basil (20 links, $165/m)

Traffic after all links were indexed compared to previous period.
View attachment 109054
Source: Google Analytics

Annotations show how fast the links were indexed.
View attachment 109053
Source: Google Analytics

The site is monetized with AdSense, so you can see the ROI is very solid. September vs. October ad revenue is up 96%.
View attachment 109055
Source: Google AdSense

I have 14 tracked keywords and all of them have had significant increase. Here's the top one:
View attachment 109057
Source: Serpfox, provided free with the links

Key points:

- Results have exceeded my expectations, well worth the money
- Customer support has been very friendly and fast to reply. I haven't used PBNs before, so I have contacted them perhaps often than average
- According to Ahrefs the sites are DR22 / UR25 on average. UR for homepage, not article page
- Articles are "ok". Not work of arts, but not spam either.
- Same applies to sites too, all look legit
- All links are cloaked from SEO tool crawlers, so your competitors can't find them

Definitely recommended!

Placed a new order for 10 links.

I've always gotten great results with this guy.

Let's see how this goes for a smaller client!


This is my second order, first one was an adrenaline rush as the keywords moved up.

That was a year ago and 2 of the target keywords are still at num 1 on page 1.

The sales generated by the increase in rankings pay for the links many times over.

This order is for another page with more difficult keywords.

Will update here in 6 weeks.


This is an excellent service that I often come back to time and time again for when I need results, highly recommended and a really nice guy.

Just want to say that this guy is a top man and very patient...great customer service.

I buy a lot of 'one-time payment' links every month and try to stay away from monthly recurring packages as much as possible because they're simply not worth it. But T-Ranks is an exception, it is currently the ONLY monthly recurring backlink service that I'm subscribed to... because it's worth every penny. I had solid #1-3 rankings for a high competition, high volume keyword in my niche till about mid-2018 and then lost it. Did a million and one things to get it back... all in vain. Then I stumbled upon T-Ranks in Jan 2019 and tiiberius has succeeded in getting me back those top rankings within days to weeks of placing the first order!!

I'm happy to pay monthly subscription fees for the high-quality work they have delivered and I just placed my 3rd order with them (Order number: #7940654).

Thank you tiiberius and I look forward to your magic again and again!

So here is my review @tiiberius is super cooperative and a great person well let's now talk about the keywords so I got a picture for you

The service is good actually I am disc continuing because I am short on funds at the moment I would surely continue after the site starts earning.

Thanks for the secret, just ordered basil. Order number: #8515XX

By the way, I had ordered 5 links before to trial out your pbn links and also to figure out how many links I would need per keyword difficulty. Both the keywords were in top 10 in almost a week and I was very happy.

I hope this basil order brings me great rankings as well and can buy ever more.

First impressions, the links are showing promising signs in the first week!

The PBN is crafted very well on initial appearance. Low competition keyword jumped from no where to position 1 in about a week or 2. Medium competition jumped from no where to the top of page 3.
Excellent service. I will be using once its live.

My First Impression :

Got the 3 Links a week ago. All blogs have a really nice interference and the content is extremely high quality. The blogs clearly say a lot of time is spent on each. The Metrics of the blogs are very high. TF is above 18. Some blogs have foreign anchor texts but they are genuine.

I tested these 3 links on a new website with no backlink or domain history. The niche is low comp and in just 7 days both keywords I am targeting are at top 25 position.


In Conclusion, I would like to say these blogs aren't what you get in the market normally. The OP knows what he is doing. The blogs are overall very POWERFUL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE

Part Review 1

OP delivered 3 links yesterday and i'll checked stats,metrics on moz,majestic,ahrefs and this is very impressive! Real genuine sites, 100% clean, unique theme, top notch article with relevant images.The links has some high authority sites linking to them.

I can say after testing many services here on bhw, this is one of the best so far.Will post and update when i see ranking improvement and waiting for OP to start selling this high quality services here.
3 link, all considered as powerful.
I have seen some nice jump in rankings on my 3 keywords, so that's nice. I bet getting ~10 of them links alone could push some keywords to top 10.
I would say this is perfect to complete your backlink strategy. Just the extra push that some campaigns are lacking.
I won't talk much, I will wait until the thread is open to making a huge review there.
For now, have a look at them babies by yourself, 3 blue links:



At first I thought...3 links thats gonna do jack shit to my rankings. To my surprise my 1st kick went from #9 to #5 (lol 9-5 get it...sorry) and its hovering between #4 and #5 now. I was like holy fuck, its a miracle. The keyword itself is pretty high competition.

The 3 sites in metrics were good overall,

Site 1: TF: 17 CF: 39
Site 2: TF: 29 CF: 33
Site 3: TF: 25 CF: 43

To be honest this service is pretty fucking awesome. Now give me another link please ;)


Like others I wont say much about the quality and the metrics of the sites as they were dope.
Lets directly jump on to the Serp Ranking.
So I gave 2 similar keywords for the review copy. NO Prior Seo Done just some social shares and complete new website.
And here are the results

Keyword1 (From page 7 to page 2)

Keyword 2 (From page 9 to page 3)

Results have just started to kick in and I am confident that within this week I will be acquiring page 1 easily.
Perfect service to pick from. Don't think twice and grab your links right away.

So I waited to see that "First kick" and whoa that was a serious kick. These links pack serious punch. Saw my main keywords I gave tiiberius make a serious Jump in the serps as he said they would. The metrics look pretty good for the 3 sites. Site 1: TF:18 CF:28 RD:291 BL: Over 10k
Site 2: TF:20 CF:19 RD:132 BL:992. Site 3 had great metrics as well. Expecting another kick in serps in another 3 weeks or so as stated. Honestly this is quality service. His TAT and communication was great too.

My first impressions of this service - The sites look 100% legit - Looks like lots of time and effort has been spent in making them look and feel like legitimate sites - different themes, heavy customization, multiple and active social profiles etc. They simply look like genuine money sites. Content is very good, reads well and the stats are good. I could only check TF/CF but average for both was TF23, CF38. So very nice.
OP clearly also knows how to ensure that absolutely no footprints are left with these sites.
Will post update when I see any change in ranking.

Ordered for 30 links for my 2nd website.
I'm definitely seeing results with his service. I have ordered a 50 links package for my 1st website and I'm quiet happy with this.

It's now been one month since I ordered the BASIL package.

I spoke to a person on the website about how I could get the most out of this package. They were very helpful in guiding me, as was @tiiberius on PM.

My links are split 60/40 to the inner page and the homepage. The website is nearing four months old. Here are my results from my first month:

This is the only service I have used for this inner page, along with some social signals. The main keywords are the top two.

Early signs suggest that this service is having a positive effect on my rankings. I have renewed my package for a second month and will hopefully continue to see things moving in the right direction! :)

I want to know....

So that I can order my 3rd recurring package :)

Thank you tiiberius for the awesome job your team has done so far!

Order #9382492 placed and details provided.

Thanks and looking forward to your magic as usual!

ordered again #9395656

3rd order placed, hoping for good links from best RD, DA sites. Order id #9451109 for 15 links.

I'd just like to leave a review because I'm super happy with this service. I've been using T-Ranks for more than 2 years now and I've always seen good results but the last package I bought a couple of months ago are the best links I've ever bought. Yesterday, the rankings went bananas. Maybe it was a Google update or something but all the keywords shot up yesterday. @tiiberius is a great guy with great customer service. I highly recommend these links.

Anyone out there who is contemplating about purchasing backlinks from T-RANKS !!!

You do not even have to think twice about it. I really don't know what kind of powerful PBN'S behind those links I got them but these links DEFINITELY AND ABSOLUTELY HELPED ME to rank for the keywords and get nice TRAFFIC and as well as CONVERSION.

At first, about a week or two I was thinking if I did the right thing. Of course, the needle was definitely moved but it was just not enough...

And then, after 2 weeks... BOOOM. My ranking for the keyword, that I have always wanted, went through the roof. And after a few days again, the remaining keywords appeared higher in Google and following few days jumped on the first page and remained there regardless I added any new content on the website or not.

These guys really know what to do and how to do it. And I especially thank their support line or chat for never letting me down and always pleased helping me even I gave dozens of questions in an hour.




My links went live around 3 weeks back and I have to say these links work, I purchased the cheapest package and I have seen some serious movements for my main keywords and my traffic has more than doubled. Definitely recommend this service.

i'm satisfield with t-ranks sevices . now i'm using proloa, ranking improve very well. Support also is very good.

Quick update on my previous order.

Ranking jumped from #2 to #1 quickly 1 week after the links went live. Let's see how long can it hold before I make a detailed review!

View attachment 125580

Solid ranking boost for kewords on page 1 from 8/9 to 4/5. This is with the cheapest package. Good stuff!




This is my third order and I have always been happy not only for their service but also for being caring and patient.

No matter how many questions I gave, I always got my clear, on-point responses.

Thank you, T-RANKS!

I had a pleasant experience with your chat support, while I noticed some rankings and keywords referencing our pages started to increase and then decreased dramatically. it made me a little nervous. He explained that this fluctuation is normal when powerful links are starting to show and index. and that it should settle soon . Overall I look forward to the final results and was really impressed by the initial jump in rankings, and hope they will come back stronger than ever real soon

I've always been skeptical about PBNs, but a contact of mine recommended T-Ranks. He was right. Great service.

One thing is that the links work very well, but the thing I would highlight is the professionalism behind the T-Ranks team. Always on livechat, great at explaining everything about the process - and they are, unlike most other link building services on BHW, not promising a goldmine.

Great network and one of the best support teams I found here. Available to answer anytime anything related to the product and your website.

I had some good results using this network. This is the only PBN network which gave me good results.

I Will be buying more links in the near future.

Thank you T-ranks.

Got tired of using PBNs long ago. This one seemed convincing enough to get me back into the game.

couple weeks into the package and I am already noticing some movement in keyword rankings. Great service, and amazing support.

My package just went live, looking forward to see the results.

Already seeing movement ;) back up to page 1 will keep you guys posted in 3 weeks

About 7 Days in and im noticing a heavy dance but boy it feels good to see some nice jumps from postition 20+ to position 4...Now dancing on the first page. 2 More weeks to see where i settle cannot wait. If all goes well deff buying more.

I did get a good rise in ranking from only purchasing 5 links. But unfortuntely my budget doesnt allow to continue to leave the links live. They do work though

These links really work. Took about 2 in a half months to truly see the power. I bought 20 links at the start of COVID-19 taking advantage of his special, and wow was it worth it. Our phones have seen an uptick. Our company has 2 different seasons of services and will be coming back closer to winter time to start to uplift my other services. Highly recommended service, quick to respond, and truly gave me tons of information at the start of this that was outside the scope, very cool guy.

Honest Full Transparent Review Time:


Date ordered: June 5th, 2020

Date completed: June 13th, 2020

TAT was very quick. (You also get to choose the drip speed of your links)

Score: 10/10 (Followed exactly what I wanted in my drip feed options for the links)

Package Bought

Spino Package - 10 links + includes rank tracking and anchor text help

I waited 1 month before taking a screenshot of my rankings. I'm going to list how my links were distributed below and how much movement they got.

Rank movements.JPG

Score: 10/10 (Can't say much more than this, it definitely moved my rankings in a positive manner)

Customer Support Feedback (Anchor Text help)

They are very good and quick at answering any questions you may have about the service. They answered any questions I had about the service and provided advice and feedback on what keywords I should use on my links.

Score: 10/10 (They showed me exactly what keywords I should use for my links after we chatted about my website and the pages/posts they were going to be pointing to)

Would I recommend this?

Yes, I would.

For the price of the packages being offered and the help I got in setting my keywords up, it's amazing.

Final Notes

The quality of the links I received from this may not be exactly what you get in turn for your order even if it is the same package.

Make sure your page/post is properly optimized and which URL and keywords you want to use. If this is done, you should see some positive movements in most cases.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, they will answer them to the best of their ability.

*** It is a monthly subscription to keep the links up on their PBN. It is not a one time deal. ***

About 7 days into my subscription I have hit first page of Bing and Yahoo for all my keywords. I'll update my Google rankings when it changes.

Number 1 in google for 2 out of 4 keywords now. Well impressed.

Hey Tiiberius,

Placed a Gigan order after a long time and sincerely hoping your magic still works like it did a couple of years ago!!

Looking forward to feeling that magic again!


I would just like to say Thank You so much to [B]tiiberius[/B] He helped me allot via skype today and I am very appreciative for the amazing advice he gave.

He truly does want what is best for your site and even went as far as giving advice that mentioned waiting to use T-Ranks until site matures (2nd New Project).

I will post my review for 1st project for the 5 links ordered after 3 more weeks (1 month after order).

I am 100% a long term loyal customer now, long live T-Ranks!

Too early to draw definite conclusions as there are many other variables in play but it looks like these links are working already :)

Main keyword just hit page one and other keywords are dancing around but overall positive:

Screenshot 2020-09-20 at 12.48.18.png


Just to say that T-Rank works, it increased our site positioning nicely (we got the 20links package). However, the links are not permanent, once you stop the monthly payment, you lose all your links. That's the only downside.

I have been using T-ranks for years and I always get great results. I just got another batch of links live and checked the domains and they are super powerful! Thanks!

Here is my review:

I was glad & lucky to have this service when i was first starting.

I did a few things to warm my site up, let it age and did things white hat here and there along with just 1 blackhat blast from Sarkar to just try this whole BHW thing out.

When i started using this service I barely had any backlinks or site authority at all and started to rank highly just using 25 links from T-Ranks in a Very competitive supplement niche before realizing I needed a complete overhaul and direction of my site and its keywords unfortunately.

I'm sure if I had better resources I would have managed to get 1st page in the long run by adding a few more diversity links to my portfolio but pretty impressive considering the competitive keywords i chose and the ranks from this service alone

Also me being a complete newbie the support was really great they gave me


Just placed my third order with Basil package.

Thanks, always.

renewed my gigan package 3rd time

Upgraded to gigan package.

Just upgraded to VIP50 package. So far I have had decent results whilst subscribing to this network so it gets the thumbs up from me and hopefully there will be more results on there way as a result of upgrading to VIP50. Keep up the good work guys.

Highly recommended service, great service, rankings and results.

Reply to thread, PM or:
Email us at:


Terms of Service

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Nov 29, 2012
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Thread approved.

Service delivered as promised, impressed by the way this PBN has been set up.

Footprints have been hidden very very well and metrics were prettty good. The sites look fantastic, very impressed overall.

I have verified the domains are auction domains, I see no record of them dropping in historical who is research.

TAT was also very quick.

Thread Re-Reviewed - November 5, 2019
Thread Re-Reviewed - November 5, 2019

For the review, I received the seller's Gigan package. My details are below.

  • All of the links are still up
  • Good variation in the domains, including registrars, name servers and domain ages.
  • Domains are aged well, raging from 3 years to 23 years. On average, the domains were 13 years.
  • It took 10 days for the seller to deliver the report.
  • The content all passed copyscape.
  • Average PA was 19 and average DA was 34.
  • The order form was a little tedious to fill out, but the seller stated that they plan to improve that later on.
For buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.

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May 21, 2011
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Man I want your Raptor plan. Can you give me some discounts if I purchase your REX plan, please.

Few questions.

Will rex plan be able to rank a "web page" with no extra backlinks to it. Keyword competition is less than 10 according to ahrefs and less than 25 according to long tail pro.

Will all the links your provided by you will be indexed on Google. How will I know that????

Deleted member 979859

Good luck with sales. Very nice design thread! Bookmarked for in the future. Any review copy's available?
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Oct 7, 2015
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Any special deal for

2 x 7 links

2 x 3 links

Total 4 subscription.


Feb 6, 2010
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Are the links placed within articles? If you are using recreated pre-existing content how are you able to naturally place our links within conent?


Sep 8, 2015
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Man I want your Raptor plan. Can you give me some discounts if I purchase your REX plan, please.

Few questions.

Will rex plan be able to rank a "web page" with no extra backlinks to it. Keyword competition is less than 10 according to ahrefs and less than 25 according to long tail pro.

Will all the links your provided by you will be indexed on Google. How will I know that????

We are offering discount to all BHW members for a limited time yes. Just use the coupon code BHW while ordering. Existing clients with multiple package can receive even further discount.

About your questions... What you're describing seems like a low competition keyword. REX is quite a strong package that definitely has the ability to increase rankings of such keywords. However, be very careful about your anchor text choice if Rex links are the only links you've built. So you don't over-optimize.

All your links will definitely be indexed, otherwise they don't count. You will see proof of that via rank increase.

Good luck with sales. Very nice design thread! Bookmarked for in the future. Any review copy's available?

Thank you for the compliment. Appreciate it.

Sorry but just like mentioned in the FAQ section there are no more review copies available. We handed out review copies prior to launch.

Any special deal for

2 x 7 links

2 x 3 links

Total 4 subscription.

Thank you for your interest.

We offer even greater discount on our largest package - Spino. 10 links for $90/m which is measly $9/m per link.

So since you want 20 links we suggest you get Spino x2. (must be ordered separately)


Don't forget to use coupon BHW.

Service looks strong!
Is there any sort of early bird review copies?

Thank you for the compliment.

Unfortunately no. All review copies have been handed out already just like the FAQ states.

Are the links placed within articles? If you are using recreated pre-existing content how are you able to naturally place our links within conent?

Yes, links are placed contextually within the articles. We're not using pre-existing content for your links. Content surrounding your links is brand new and original.


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Oct 7, 2015
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Ordered and paid for 7 links & subscription.. Order Number #861

I will try this 7 links then made an assessment if I would subscribe more.


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Jul 27, 2013
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As you Re-create websites, Can you provide me links from a specific niche? I will PM you right now to know if you have sites in my Niche.


Sep 8, 2015
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Nov 14, 2015
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Love the thread design :) You didn't mention this in the thread... any samples available?


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May 21, 2011
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My Order Number is: 300XXX9721

Will be posting review very soon.