Synergistic Long Tail Dominance

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jammie, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Feb 24, 2008
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    Right well, i'm bored so i was thinking about LT kw's and realised this may hold true:

    (theorem 1)
    The sum of the number of searches for long tail keywords is greater than, or equal to, the number of searches for the short tail keywords (in any given niche market).

    Using theorem 1 (above), we can presume that there exists a group of long tail keywords that have a greater than or equal to search volume as the short tail.

    This probably applies only to niches, but guess it makes it easier to see where the money is at! more searches = more traffic = more sales = more profit. Thus via the transitive property of equality, more searches = more profit.

    So get grabbing as many LT KW's as you can =]

    Everyone knows this anyway, but now it's presented in a different way, some people may be able to use it more effectively =]
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    IM, who'd have thought?
    Argentina or near wherever I last lost my GPS
    God, I miss my college days!:) ( not kidding, btw)

    Yep, I never actually did any research to validate or not "theorem 1", but I tend to agree, Jammie.

    In any case, what I've found to be true is the fact that a great number of searches have VERY LOW occurrence ( once or twice a month ), thus usually staying under the radar or requiring quite a bit of digging.

    So, I think I'll share with you all one good "post factum" - hey, I know big words too, you know :) - method to do keyword research:

    1- Go to
    2- Do a search for one of the most popular SHORT tail keywords in your niche
    3- From the list of documents that will pop up, choose a couple of the more relevant ones for your query
    4- Visit each one of these documents, scroll down and you'll see on your right a table that says "Indexing". Again, scroll down and you'll find the latest searches - MANY of them - leading to that document.
    5- Or just build a lens, promote and check your stats periodically, whichever fancies you.

    This is not the ultimate keyword research method, but it works for me, particularly when I'm in a hurry and need to start sth. asap.