Syndicated Search Traffic Down

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    I spent the day today looking at how 2013 organic revenue differs from 2012 organic revenue and a couple channels really stood out.

    To put it in context, I mainly do SEO for online retail sites... so I target apparel, jewelry, etc. related keywords for the most part.

    What I found is that organic traffic (and thus sales) from syndicated search providers is way down. These are the search providers who syndicate branded search service to their customers. The two primary groups of these providers are ISPs providing branded search to subscribers and PC vendors providing a default search to new computer owners. The traffic and revenue from these channels is down almost 75% when compared to last year even though I have been making gains on Google, Bing, and Yahoo directly.

    Another way to describe it is that there is a lot less diversity in organic traffic sources. Meta search engines would be another niche within syndicated search. There are certainly fewer of those this year too, but meta search has always been a very small niche.

    In 2012 syndicated search made up almost 10% of my organic sales. This year it is under 3%. So if you are looking for where some of your organic numbers went this year I suggesting looking there in addition to the normal places.