Switching To A New Network Provide

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    I purchased a data plan last year which includes 3 GIGS OF DATA + Uncapped. Which i felt was a good deal, sadly though i did not expect the speed to be throttled so much, after the 3 Gigs end which happens in like Days, my speed drops to 128kps!

    I can't do much, it feels like such a rip off. I recently found a deal that offers 20 GIGS (10 GIGS during normal time and 10 GIGS from 12am to 5pm)

    It's not uncapped but it sounds great and i have a coverage for the network in my area. The thing is i have to buy my own Modem, i can't afford spend much and i can't find any once off prices which is weird, so i remember having my Vodafone modem from my expired contract that is capable of 10.8 mbps

    Do you think that the modem/deal is a good one to take?

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