Swagbucks Deactivated Me Part 2 -> The Saga Continues

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    My Account Is Deactivated: The Saga Continues. So, as I posted yesterday or so, Swagbucks deactivated my account. I hadn't violated any of their TOS. No multiple accounts, no botting, no cheating whatsoever. I emailed them and I got a reply just a few minutes ago. Here's that reply.

    Dear <*my real name*>,

    Your account with Swagbucks has been deactivated.

    Our compliance has determined that you have been using an AutoSearcher (BOT) to earn Swag Bucks in your account. Swagbucks.com will not tolerate any user displaying methods to cheat our site or community or violating our terms of use. Any account associated with this kind of behavior is deactivated permanently.

    You are more than welcome to reopen a new SwagBucks.com account if you follow the guidelines listed at the link below.


    Thank you for your time and have a nice day


    Manager Of User Compliance


    Basically, Adrian is full of it or their compliance is. I don't bot. As a matter of fact, I don't even search with SB. The search results are crap. I complete offers, free codes, and get points from my 44 referrals. This is my reply to him.

    No! I didn't bot. I have never botted this program. I've worked hard on building my referrals. I have over 40 referrals. Why would I take a chance on losing my account by botting? I've put a lot of time & effort in building up to 5000. What do I have to do to get my account reopened?

    Even better, look at my point history. You will see that I don't even search for points. I get points from referrals, codes, completing offers, & swagbucks tv. Therefore, logically, I couldn't have been botting to get points. Right? Look into the history and you will see I'm telling the truth. So, please reactivate my account.
    So, I'm not sure if the SBTV app on my droid is causing some confusion but let me say this to the SB community, I AM NOT BOTTING!
    I will keep posting to let yall know what is going on and to give props to SB for doing the right thing or letting you know that they decided to take a huge dump on me for playing the game legally.

    By the way, I'm posting this on several swagbucks websites to let everyone know what I'm going through. SB, do the right thing....and I don't mean throw a trashcan through a storefront window and yell out, "Radio Raheim!" either!
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