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Jul 17, 2008
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Hey guys,
I coach a hockey team in my town. If you want to support my team and me, go on link and support me its so easy. Just use the facebook apps, and it takes only 2 clicks.

Not obligated, only if you want to support. With this, we gonna be abble to get a new zamboni, and be abble to have the arena for us around 2 times a week.

Since I made my bio in french, I will describe it to you a bit. I played hockey since I am 5 years old. Last year I had 3 accidents, so I cannot play again. So now I give my time to coach. I coach hockey players around 16 yrs old, I am 18. I also took the job as head coach and category director.

If you wanna read my whole bio, google translator exist.