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    I have been venturing into music for a while now, but recently I have discovered a 12 year old artist and have decided to go in a positive direction (aside from me being a black hatter in the IM world, lol) and make positive music and help local young artists achieve their dreams, not of being rich and famous, but of just having their music heard. I am not rich, by any means necessary. I am a blackhatter through and through but I am also a writer, songwriter and producer by the name of Keroc, I have not yet MADE it as to where I don't have to do other things to suffice for missed income. I was homeless not too long ago, thankfully I am making some money on ebay now and have made enough for the apartment that I live in. Having hardships made me want to be better and do better things. What I am posting this for is to let you guys know about my raise, You DO NOT have to help or make a donation at all, but if you want to support me, and my 12 year old artist Damonia Berrian, who is a Honor student and Drama member at Newbern Middle School, please make a donation toward creating her album! I want to be a major part of making her dream come true. Even if you don't want to help, just check out the raise page and help me get this off the ground!

    Any ideas for promotion of my raise will be greatly appreciated.
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