Super Insanely Cheap Traffic Sources - Learn Where To Buy Traffic For As Low As $0.01 Per 1,000 Visitors

Discount please

I sent you a PM with a discount.

Any recent reviews? This is +3 years old now. Is it still relevant?
No recent reviews.

I want for UAE is the target is possible with this

Yes, you can target that country.

Hi, seems like a promising service and I would like to have a review copy or discounted copy.

Looks like a promising service, I'm interested in the review copy.

Interested In Your Service, Do You Have Any Recent Review Copies?

All review copies are gone, sorry.
A lot of bot traffic in these networks..Yes there are real human,but NEEDS A LOT of optimization.If newbie thinks to deposit $10 and make $100 in few mins naaah guys,that wont happen,trust me.Credits to [B]squinter[/B] for finding these networks.
Review I was offered a free copy of this. This is 18 pages of detailed information. This not only reveals the places to get this traffic from, you are also given detailed steps as to how to utilise these services to set up campaigns. When you see "You can buy traffic from them for as low as $0.00005" and they allow a $10 deposit, then this means you can split test without throwing away hundreds. You're furnished with the direct contact details of the people who speed up your application, which is great. There are also details of 5 other services, which the OP states are currently untested, so this is a bonus. Plenty of screenshots to walk you through, this is solid information.
Just bought the ebook. Here to leave a review. The traffic sources are very very unknown in the sense that I've never seen or heard of before. Finding these networks on google without typing in the actual name of them is damn near impossible so don't waste your time. None of them are indexed under any of the usual keywords you use to find ad networks. These are the type of underground ad networks that you really have to know someone that knows these networks I've seen past buyer reviews of longtime media buyers and advertisers that didn't even know of the existence of these networks. As for monetization of these cheap underground traffic sources I recommend using a smart link. One that rotates offers based on device and location. Another monetization idea is stuffing a site full of display and banner ads(ad farm) then investing $1 to literally get hundreds of thousands of visitors to generate impressions. A third idea is sending this traffic to PPV networks. Profit and scale from there. Overall, I strongly recommend buying this ebook. The seller is very nice and well help you with any confusion. The seller provides much better support than 100% of the previous ebook sellers i've purchased from.
Here is my honest review: This book is a gold mine of information and I have to say I am glad I have found this thread. Pros: I never heard of these ad networks that are mentioned in the ebook but these are some of the cheapest traffic you can buy. I literally just read the book and am about to test out some money making methods with these ad networks. My method will be unique with a twist and one last thing. This book was the last piece of the puzzle for me to figure out the Vietnamese YouTube Playlist Method along with the Twitch method. I definitely have some testing to do. Cons: This might not be a con but I am quite curious as to how the traffic is so cheap. I have some theories but I am not here to bash the thread. In other words, it might be a good reason these ad networks are unheard of and no I am not talking about bot traffic. These are real people with maybe a few bots slipping through the cracks. These ad networks might not be around long so I advise you to start using it before it gets saturated or taken down.
I received a Review copy of this eBook: The book is 18 Pages, not too long but it provided value with direct to the point information. Minimum deposits starts from 10$-100$ I have a never seen sources until now with such low cost a traffic. OP added a few other sites also in the eBook which he dint tested yet. But we can test them as well to see how they work. I dint know not even one of the sites Mentioned in the eBook until now. Conversation with OP is great, he responded to every one of my little doubts. I really like that when a seller responds to your questions eve after purchase :) OP didn't just Mentioned the sites list, he also mentioned the settings we need to use to get the best out of them. He also added the contact person details to whom we need to get in touch to get the campaigns approved. Even someone have seen any of those sites anywhere with out the actual contact person details its impossible to add funds and get the campaign approved for these sites. Consider these sources like some unknown community where you don't even know they exist until you get the actual details and contact of these sites. Tested Results: I haven't testes all the sites ( Each site signup needs to be approved by the contact person to get started) I signed up for a single site and tested some promotional offer with a Link shortner And tested 1$ per day here is a screenshot for todays traffic View attachment 167532 I did tested with all countries and devices traffic but we can make few tweaks and test these sources to work on few offers. Few people responded(Responded not converted :rolleyes: ) to the offer so there are definitely some real people from these sources I did kept 1 View Per IP Monetization Lets think like this even if you can find a way(Niche offers) to make your conversions rates to 0.00001% then this works for you. Which works in so many cases. If you got some adult niche sites, or sites filled with too many sites or PPV then this works definitely works. All you need to find what all those people are currently promoting with those pop up ads and find a similar offer with better price then start pushing through these platforms. (If OP could give bit of glimpse on what kind of offers we can dig to get the best out of this traffic that would be a wonderful thing, but that's kind spoon feeding I know. But I am pretty new for such kind of offers i would love that if he can add few examples.) (No conversions with that 1$ tested traffic above but that's because My offer is something stupid (I know that), but i just wanted to test if we really get some traffic.) Overall Its definitely a good eBook to try specially of you are trying promote multiple offers. I am mostly sure that getting traffic with such costs is impossible if we try through regular methods. (Even if there are any other sites I don't think someone will ever reveal it :)).
My Review: The guide contains a bunch of traffic sources that are cheap and should help you get started on a shoestring budget so you can split test your offers without burning a lot of money. I have to agree with MisterF that there is no middleman involved and you get started with the guide straight away as the OP has done a good job explaining the traffic sources and the usage of the ad networks using screenshots. Quite sure people who are into adult stuff are going to enjoy these sources as they are unknown to marketers as I havent seen anyone talk about these on the forums that I am part of. The guide also comes with a host of other cheap ad networks and honestly you can find a quick winner with these sources if you know how to optimize your campaigns Good Job!
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