[Sunday Giveaway] outlived classifieds free 125x125px banner giveaway is back


Deleted member 110025

What do we have?

1 free 125x125px banner for every member
  • total availibility: 8 banners
  • location: sidebar of the inner ads category pages
  • site: Outlived classifieds (google it, I'm not sure I can post links here - hate getting warnings)
  • duration: end of June 2020 (next month)

  • no affiliate links
  • 1 banner limit to 1 bhw member
  • Offer is live till 23:59 UK time May 24th (today)

////////// THE PROCESS or "How to apply" (what I need from you) /////////////////

DM me:
  • url to your website/page
  • 125x125px banner link on imgur
  • short description (no long descriptions please)

ONLY AFTER you have submitted the link, the banner, the description:
reply here with something like "pm sent", "applied"..
wait for the confirmation

bang!! :)

The previous giveaway: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/s...anner-giveaway-is-back.1232647/#post-13217199


This is probably one of the most useful giveaways in the recent times
I am interested mate.. Hit me up please..
I am applying for this
giveaway closed (for a while).. I thought I would add some more time and accept few late submitters.

guys and girls :) cmon, you have to ask yourself: are you a Doer or a bit lazy Dreamer :)

have the most productive Monday all!
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