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    Feb 11, 2011
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    Hi, i am new to ppd, i started 3 days back. tough i am making $5+ a day, i feel like there is something i can do to improve my epc. my average epc is $0.098 ( 331 impressions, 51 clicks and 11 downloads).
    here is what i have done
    i optimized my videos well(i think)
    (for trial purposes, i have some videos direct linking to the ppd site, while some videos i direct the user to a landing page from there to ppd site)
    I have commented on other videos and leaving my link within the comment box.
    i have posted posted relevant posts in a few forums related to my niche.
    I have created a fan page around my niche

    I am asking if you have any suggestions on what i can do to improve my epc.
    sorry for my bad English, i hope its not too incoherent to understand and follow.
    thanks in advance for all your suggestions