Suggestions For Driving Traffic to a Free Service Site (Black Hat Methodology)

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    Heya all of BWH, Merry Christmas, Joyful Kwanza and Happy Hannukah,

    I'm waiting for my DNS entry registration to my web host to propagate and working with the pages, DBs and content.

    I estimate a week from propogation I'll go into testing of my work in progress and be hosting media content that I've been gathering for quite some time now. I have 3 affiliate network connections set up and will be adding content that pertains to Itunes, Amazon and another site dynamically and prioritizing the content and traffic throughput before I try to experiment with sales via AM.

    I'm posting seperate posts querying the community for WhiteHat suggestions in the White Hat forum and BlackHat suggestions in the Black Hat forum.

    As I said, I'll be hosting a service offering ton of free content, public domain content and content that had no copyright to begin with or has lost or the author and publisher don't retain it anymore for whatever reason.

    In the near future I have ideas for paid-for software deployment for mobile devices and standalone no-browser viewers that will be micropayment powered for grabbing large amounts of content and a small up-front payment for the software or a subcription (I haven't made the latter choice yet). This software will be driven with Adobe Air and will be available mid to late 2009 for Iphones, etc and other options may be available.

    I'm a mediaphile and quite serious and passionate about this endeavor and am compiling in this post a good synopsis of information though some might not be pertinent to the Traffic Throughput or relevant replies.

    I will be using ad-based income in experimentation with Adbrite or Adsense. I am considering paying for ads driving traffic through my site though I am looking to creating accounts with small price small amount vouchers for various PPC ad services but I have no concrete plans in regards to advertisement and I am approaching the community and those droppers-by that might help me and in turn later give others a reference if they should be interested in promoting or raising traffic by whatever means, with suggestions from the bottom up, whether the idea is a given or not, including search submissions. Please bear that in mind in your reply and post even the most trivial and elementary traffic generation or promotional ideas.

    I will have some site interactivity set up for viewing and reviewing content within the first two weeks of the site being ready to view content and viewable.

    Please help with any ideas you can, including softwares and the purpose and effect of their use when deployed server side or used client side, services I might be interested in using both paid use and free use or use with reciprocation, as linking or sharing.

    You'll be the ones I get my first set of ideas that I can match to my own and use to map out initial plans to achieve some success (Ideal planning and mapping in flow charts has and will be made) and scale the success up both before and with the sites' growth.If a full-time promoter is interested in working with me or for me in the promotion of this site I might have more work for them in the near future with a site I've been working on for awhile setup to be a knowledge market and information headhunting service. The
    profit that I would generate with increasing traffics and _maybe_ some blackhat method, I wouldn't justify paying out profit to anyone who could possibly get me banned from a program or search engines using known and bannable methods or methods similar to those which have caused bannings from services in the past. Some black hat, but I'm focused more on only grey hat and white hat traffic generation and campaigning. Ethical concerns I'm not concerned with so much but bending and breaking Terms of Service and rules for services I will not consider.

    I am willing to share with 1-2 people income generated with the sites. This figure of an obligation consisting of less than 1/10th to each person of profits that are generated to be negotiated by specific work plans, work done, traffic generated and revenue outcomes.
    Please take into account considerations of your skills, knowledge and past successes and PM me and include in that message proven success citing skills, examples and methods and take into account that these are works in progress that have high potential and will demand traffic stay onsite for a large amount of time versus a blog or other interest or limited content site.