Suggestions for better ways to monetise my website about a festival?

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some tips for better monetisation for my first ever website, which has now been online for a year. The website is about a festival that is organised in Finland every summer, where thousands of people float down in inflatable dinghies down a river and get drunk on beer :D.

    The site receives over 10,000 users (80% new) and +30,000 pageviews per month, with maybe 10 x more traffic than the average on the days surrounding the date of the festival. Over 60% of the users are from Finland and the rest from other countries, as the festival attracts many tourists as well. The festival attracts mostly young males and females who like to party cheaply (the festival is free).

    So far for monetisation I have tried:
    -Adsense: around 0.2-1? per day (so yes pretty useless, pays for hosting)
    -eBay Affiliate program: 150? total (people purchased inflatable dinghies and accessories via my affiliate listings before the event)
    -Local advertising +-600? (advertising a night club for an after party and advertising Uber for arriving to the festival) Affiliate program and AirBnB referrals: 0?

    I feel like this site has more potential to make more money, but I'm not sure what would be the best way. I have thought about the following methods for summer 2016:
    -Dropshipping the boats instead of affiliate links, but I find it hard to find suppliers for the products in Europe and with US the shipping times are over 2 weeks.
    -Direct sales of boats imported from China (estimated biggest profits, but needs a big investment first)

    However, as the site receives constant traffic of people reading about the festival, I'm thinking maybe I should replace AdSense with something like CPA and better targeted for young men/women who like to party, but I have no idea what. Gambling? Viagra?

    What would be your suggestions for better monetisation?