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Suggestions for 50+ new/neverused domains i wont use

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by cowboyseonoob, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. cowboyseonoob

    cowboyseonoob Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Florida, United States
    I got a little slap happy from too much blow 1 or 2 weekends back in my REALLY noob days (a month or two ago lol) and bought a ton of domains..Like, 84. I've since learned that a handful of them will keep me busy for a looong time. I looked over the list and there's really only 15-20 that I plan to keep. They were all registered in Dec/Jan and havent been touched so they're definitely not ranked or anything. I think they're pretty good names across the board with very few duds, probably a dozen or so gems for a motivated buyer in the right niche. I paid ~$10 each and they have domain privacy, all of them are .com .net .org TLDs mostly .com

    Suggestions/advice please for recouping my initial cost or better?

    My short list of options is the obvious one- lug them over to flippa or similar and see what I can get for them. Thinking start the good ones at $50 the others at $25 and see if they sell, drop them $5 every couple of weeks until I'm at like $5 just trying to minimize the damage and recover SOMETHING.

    Is there anything I can/should be doing or would want to consider while they sit? I can't fathom what but I'm sure there's something clever a motivated and resourceful IM pup could do with a bunch of flammable domains???

    Anything that precludes me from watching them expire worthless in a little under a year would be great to hear. :/ ty in advance