Suggestion to expand my site to incorporate amazon affiliates

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    I have a niche website that's 4 years old where I promote a Clickbank product. I've also built a quite decent email list of almost 5000 readers during this time, to whom I send informational emails every a couple of days.

    This niche has several products that are being sold on amazon, so I'd like to expand my earnings by writing product reviews and pointing my readers to them.

    My doubt is, do I setup a completely different site for this, where I could let my readers to post their ratings, categories on its own, tables with ratings on the sidebar and make it look like full buying guide for this niche? Or do I just add a section on my current site?

    There's also a keyword for videos for this niche that gets a decent amount of traffic, so I do also have the doubt to setup this as a separate site themed for videos or include them in the main site.

    Would like to hear the pros and cons of each approach.