Suggestion required: Backlink indexing problem- what tool to use? Scrapebox or what?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by perfect10, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I have a site showing around 100 links in G00gle webmaster tool, but i know that I have around more than 500 backlinks that i have created, i have pinged them submitted RSS and done other things but almost 1 month is over and they don't show up in webmaster's tool.

    I want my BL to be indexed, so I am planning to buy any good tool that my fellow Blackhatters have tried or tested. Since I don't have a lot of money to invest at the moment so I am not in position of trial and error.

    I did some research here and found many people use scrapebox for different purpose, my question is-

    1. Is scrapebox good if i want to blast backlinks to my backlinks to get them indexed?

    2. if its not capable of doing that/ even if its good in that- what other tool should I go for.

    Why i am thinking of scrapebox is because i checked scrapebox tutorial on Youtube and found it easy to use so suggest something that is not very complicated.

    The site I am talking about is at No. 10 on first page, i think if 100 links can get it there what would 500 do!! I am sure it will jump atleast 3-4 positions. its a small site where i am selling my own product with 10000 exact match searches in G, so i think if i can get 3-4 positions up i can at-least start making some money on that website.

    Any help is appreciated in advance.

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    For indexing try using Backlink Energizer or Backlink Index Express.

    You could blast out your links using Scrapebox as well, but you would need a big list of Auto Approve blogs to make it worth while.
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