[Suggestion] New Levels of Hierarchy.

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    With the increasing popularity of bhw, I feel there should be a more distinct hierarchy. Now every new member is basically on the same "respectability" level as someone who has been here a while, but has not donated to Jr. Vip

    Change in name color, or something to show that one member is a little more "respected" than another. This would create a sort of competition amongst members to be more helpful than another member, which ultimately leads to a more successful and helpful forum community.

    The current hierarchy is as follows:

    Jr VIP
    Executive VIP

    Proposed hierarchy:

    New Member
    Contributing Member (50 Posts)
    Senior Member (300 posts + 100 thanks)
    Donor (Donation of $97)
    Jr. VIP (Donation of $97 + 500 Thanks)
    Senior VIP (Donation of $97 + 500 Thanks + 50 rep)
    Executive VIP (Vote in from Senior VIP)