Suggestion for rank better my forum?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ababba2, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Hi guys, months ago I opened a forum. I think the main kw is medium or low.
    Some weeks ago I bought an expired domain with 33k backlink and good metrics. I made 301 redirect to my forum. And now my forum ranked from nowhere to page 3 of my keyword.
    Now I would like to rank it better. But I don't know how should I do. I mean, now I have 33k backling, all from do-follow (so I learn that in 301 redirect no follow doesn't follow) and from just 6 unique domain (I don't know why of this, the expired domain I bought had much more unique domaine... maybe was no follow?)
    Anyway, 33k do follow are too much for now for make other do - follow I think.
    I think I need different k of no follow. But how to get this?

    Or maybe this doesn't matter and matter just the unique IP?
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    You're doing good for a few months. I'd slow it down a bit and see what happens organically.
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    When you say from only 6 referring domains maybe you should try 301'ing a domain with a few hundred referring domains and good metrics to top it.

    Also you mention the domain was expired so that would mean the domain is only a few weeks old? If so try and find a domain with some age as well.
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    The best way to go forward since you've already used a shortcut to get a quick ranking bump is to go organic.

    What I mean by that is for you to start encouraging your forum members to post content.

    The more content they post, the higher the likelihood that somehow, some way somebody would link to your website.

    Of course, this can take quite a bit of time because you are not in control of the process.

    The good news is if you build a critical mass of activity it's only a matter of time these links start getting generated.

    The good news is that if you play your cards right this is all natural and organic.

    This can a go a long way in taking you to number one.

    Again, don't get your hopes up on achieving the number one ranking as quickly as possible.

    Focus instead on fostering the creation of a genuine community around the forum content.

    Thanks to low-cost labor from places like the Philippines, India and Kenya and other places where there are millions of people who speak English as second language, cost is not an issue.

    In fact, I've built up forums in the past using paid forum posters from those countries.

    Depending on your niche, this can be done very cheaply indeed.