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    Hello there,

    A long time ago i wrote my own code to get traffic from twitter, this works quite well and can get a rather large number of unique hits a day.
    Unfortunately I'm much better with Linux and scripting than i ever will be with IM, and for the life of me i cannot get my traffic to convert.
    So my question is i guess, if any of you pro marketers out there had the ability to get large amounts of traffic from a web 2.0 site like twitter to any place you wanted it, what would you do with the traffic?
    How would you monetize it? What networks and offers and things.

    Please don't think I'm asking you to give away secrets, I'm not, just looking for a little push in the right direction. I've tried some PPC and promoting various webhosts to absolutely no results up to this point.

    Thanks again, and if anyone ever needs Linux help feel free to shoot me a pm, this forum is the only reason that i know the little i do know about IM right now.
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    you want to have a twitter account or 10 per niche and direct those people to a relevant cpa offer

    short i know, but i really think this is your best bet

    obviously you want an auto account creator and friend adder, search, there are a few here :d