Suggest me the best DESKTOP configuration Please

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    I am planning to buy a new desktop. Here is the configuration what I was thinking of. Also I provide the rates provided by my vendor.
    * Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz Processor - Rs.5,900
    * 4 GB RAM - Rs.2,400
    * Intel DG35 Original motherboard - Rs.4,850
    * 256 DDR3 video card - Rs.4,400
    * 320 GB HDD - Rs.2,700

    I wish to connect the desktop to my sony Bravia 46" LCD TV(1080i FULLHD) via HDMI. Can I get full HD support via my graphic card??? Suggest me a good company of the video card.
    Please suggest me any change that I need to the configuration. Suggest me a good sound card too.
    Also If you are in INDIA let me know if the prices I mentioned here are too high. I just want to double check the prices of my vendor too

    Thanks in advance.....