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    Hello guys,
    I am about to get AMR from my friend as a trade for my designing service. (Since I am from India and PP stopped working here. So Trading my logo service with what indirect purchase of things I need is I think good way!).
    I am really curious and excited to try my hands on!

    I am going to use AMR on my 7-8 months old site targeted to kids toys. I just want to get few quick guidance strategies to use AMR effectively. Currently I am no where in search engines. and also not interested to come directly on #1 within weeks. I just want to rank good periodically. So let me know some things!

    how many articles directories to which I should register?
    I heard there are something 5k directories. So it's okay to register all these at once? or is there any thing to avoid crap directories to save time and capche money?

    also how many directories to which I need to submit article at once?
    is it safe if I submit articles to all the 4k directories at once?

    like these if you can guide me so i can he obliged for your valuable guidance. Most of BHW members are masters in AMR so tips for a noob will definitely help!