suddenly google deindexed my autoblog

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    So just recently I tried experimenting an autoblog. I registered a domain through, making a autoblog website of an asian country. I didn't post the full content though, only summary of it and visitors eventually must visit the original link. For the SEO, I use google sitemap.xml, making twitter account to auto-publish the post in twitter, and all in one seo. I collected RSS from news sites, converted them to feedburner, setting up the post every 1 hour, about 20+ contents posted per day.

    In several five days, I receive a huge traffic surge from 100, 300, and eventually 1000 page views, and most of them come from search engine. I decided to give another go, now posting full content from translated feeds (but keeping the backlink) to the autoblog. Today I looked at the website and there is no result from search engines.

    Guess it's a bad idea, google suddenly deindexed my website. when I use, there are no such results from google. I'm now trying to ask google to reconsider indexing my website (after deleting all the posts with full content and disable the adsense). I'm guessing this website received penalty for duplicate contents.

    strangely, my other websites that hosted in same ip address in the vps still have their contents indexed normally. I guess that's a relief.

    Has anyone experienced this before?
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    If its an autoblog google probably perma banned it.