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    I have just purchased a very successful website for a fairly large price, but it has been in operation for over 6 years and I don't want to ruin it's awesome rankings on Google.

    What can I change on the site without hurting it's current success? It is doing very well but I feel that this is mostly by accident, and some revamping of the site's content, methods, seo etc. would boost it's success ten fold cause there is lots of improvements that can be made. How much can change on the website without hurting the rankings it currently has for big keywords?

    Also, if I were to keep the website up to date and forward all users to a different site, could I utilize the traffic this way without affecting the site's rankings? Would a redirect on all pages hurt me with Google?
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    Create buffer sites, which links to your mainsite.

    Just buy a couple of domains, slap wordpress on it, put some related articles on it and link to your main site with the keyword your trying to rank for.

    Then just go all out on the buffer site; senuke, xrumer, scrapebox, amr blast. You can do them all, since it doesn't really matter if they get sandboxed.

    Btw, make sure you host the buffer site on diffent servers ( google c class hosting for this ).

    edit; Might have miss understood your question. If you want to redirect the traffic to a new site you should use 301 redirect. The new site will then take over the rankings of the old site + all the traffic.
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