Successful Marketer looking for programmer.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by ExpertDomainz, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    I have a sure fire way to get loads of free traffic and adsense revenue.

    This method is time-tested and is working great for me.

    I can show proof that I can get indexed in google on the first page out of hundreds of thousands of results!

    I have a semi-automated method which I need automated. The way Im doing it now is manual and takes alot of time.

    Here is what Im offering in exchange for programming:

    1.) I can show you how to get indexed in google on the first page, proof provided.

    2.) I will host your domains for free.

    3.) I will give you access to paid programs with licenses that I'm using.

    4.) I will share my successful methods with you if you help me expand them with automation. Im tired of sitting at the PC all day.

    5.) I am always coming up with methods that work and will share my research, methods and paid programs with registered licenses for you to use.

    6.) When I test new techniques which proove to be successful I will share them with you.


    I am a marketer and great researcher and always coming up with working methods, but Im no programmer.

    We can share resources and I will show you exactly what Im doing if you help me with some programming from time to time.

    What I will show you works but from time to time I need some programming help to assist me in some of the more complicated programming stuff. I'm looking for someone that will be available via instant messenger and give me a hand in programming to make my methods fully automated.

    Do not reply if you are only on instant messenger an hour out of the day. I need someone serious and available. I'm looking for a friend and like-minded individual that I can trust. if you want to make money and get loads of free traffic send me a PM. I will need you to show me proof that you can program and edit scripts before I consider partnering with you.
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    Feb 4, 2009
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    what type of programming are you asking for? Please PM me with details of what will be required or asked of me. I am failry clever when it comes to programming or figuring out scripts, but have no exp or idea on IM. Am online on multiple IMs 24/7, i carry a mobilephone with internet conection everyday.
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    If your "a great marketer" then you should have plenty of cash to hire a programmer. And trading license keys. Please... we can all get those for free. It's called the internet my friend.

    Seems a bit phishy to me.
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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Send me a PM with some brief details, i.e what sort of language is preferable, platform (desktop and c# or server based and PHP/ASP.NET) and what sort of thing is involved.

    I am happy to look into anything that I think will make money in the long run.