[Success Story - Season 1] My Appreciation to all BHW Member

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    Let me start by saying BIG thank you to all the members here. I have gained a lot here from mini to large post. I come here with a very big hope and my hope takes a long time to materialize because I live in a country where stable electricity is a taboo. Despite this hardship I still manage to squid some little coins from cj and adsense which is the major drive for me to continue.
    Just when I am about to quit internet marketing came an offer from unexpected source and guess what, that's the TURNING POINT. Though the profit is small - $200, but It encourage me to stay.
    I download an ebook about fiverr arbitrage on this forum, I read it but never take any action. WHY? I do not know where to start. After a year I go back to that ebook and start something.
    I look out for a simple, yet hungry niche on fiverr to broke and I setup a shopping cart (prestashop). I started little promotion and had some sales within a week. I am very glad and ready and prepared to do more.
    All that!
    After a month, I made over $300 with the site and $400, $500 in the subsequent months. The site ranking is improving and it's sitting on the first page of BIG G for the main keywords.

    My site has $1000 per month potential but I have been handicapped with payment methods. Some of my bueyrs need more payment method moneybookers and Liberty reserve.

    I am not eligible to open one and do not know the way out - due to my past experience with them. I will appreciate it if anyone knows the way out to open a moneybooker account from ineligible country.

    I need to pay for the liberty reserve payment module but the official site (prestashop) refund my money after asking me to verify my paypal payment which I was unable to do. (I am not in a paypal eligible country). Other seller does not respond as it's site is not taking payment - I will appreciate it if someone can share it's liberty reserve payment module with me here - don't mind if you charge me few bucks.

    I will like to take my site to the next level and will welcome any suggestion from honorable members.