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    Hey Guys,

    I don't normally post these types of threads, I've been doing IM awhile, mostly black hat. My success has been ok. But it was never an easy or passive form of income for me - it's been kind of like day trading. I did pickup an SEO client by accident that I can make/am currently making a living off of - because it is a global company; but, I've had all my eggs in one basket before and I know that that basket is carrying too much weight.

    Additionally, all SEO work I've ever done has been on my own sites, but I have had success with this. Unfortunately, having purchased 100+ websites, I figured I would get them to page 1 and figure out how to monetize them later - in my case a mistake.

    Anyway, I bought a site about a year ago and forgot about it. The site was intended to provide SEO services to a very very nichy industry, in fact it is so nichy that there are less than 10 searches per month on the Google SEO "phrase" I am targeting. This did not discourage me because I know how much money there is in this industry, and I knew I could make a living (out of the U.S.) off 5 clients or so. I do not like to work and have not worked more than a 25 hour work-week in ten years. I do like to do volunteer work internationally cause otherwise I get fat - like I am now.

    I never did any SEO, but I did set up social networks related to the site. Awhile back, I google'd the site and found it was on the first page for it's search term. I think this happend simply because there is no competition. I was not prepared to provide the service advertised on the site, so I put a "waiting list" thing up and basically said we were totally booked.

    Anyway, sometime ago I checked the e-mail associated with that site and found I had about 20 inquiries, with about 5 of them requesting to be put on the $400 per month waiting list. Virtually all of them came from linkedin, which it was my first time using that social networking site, and I still don't get it really.

    Now I have to be honest. One of the services I offer (the most popular one) makes me feel uncomfortable because it is a service that I subscribe to, and the service could be shutdown anytime - I currently know of no way to replace it and that could easily turn this thread into a failure thread. But for now it is a success thread.

    Anyway the point of this thread is "niche-centric SEO" and $400 per month per client (I should have charged more, but I felt self-doubt).

    You have to think big money and get educated about the industry your serving; in my case (when I wasn't poor) this part was easy because I remember trying to find people who would provide me this service; but the service did not exist, or it was so poorly presented that I knew I wouldn't hire them.

    So if anyone is thinking of trying this, think: yachts, private planes, whatever. And maybe charge more than I did.

    Other things I have learned in my SEO education:

    1) grab 30 paragraphs with instant article wizard
    2) import 5 paragraphs as one paragraph into the best spinner
    3) replace everyones favorites
    4) spin 100 times
    5) upload to wordpress using autoblog samurai scheduled once per day or so.
    6) Use the language translate feature
    6) You've got unique content for 100 days

    This method for unique content has saved me a ton of time, and I KNOW it works because I frequently have to 301 these shitty pages to my homepage because they rank on the first page of Google and get all the traffic; often times above the paragraphs that I ripped.

    Thanks for reading folks and thanks for all the help. Please don't ask niche :) There are plenty of them; doctors, developers, ect.
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