Success could be just around the corner!

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    I felt the need to post this because I feel that someone here could benefit from hearing some positive encouragement.

    This is for all you bloggers out there trying to make a steady income with your blog. Let me tell you that you should never give up with your blog, even if you feel like you are posting articles for yourself to read at times.

    When I first started blogging I thought that I had it all planned out. I went and bought my first domain, started blogging, and after a few days I woke up to reality and realized.. blogging is not an overnight venture. Despite what I had been told from these so called "seo magicians" from other sites .. I found out quickly, that blogging actually takes a little dedication and work.

    Now, I am not discouraging you from starting your blog and following your dreams of being a successful blogger. I am only telling you what is reality, and that is - if you want to be a successful blogger.. you will have to "break the chains" so to speak.

    A quote that helped me get through the early stages of blogging was:

    "Action is the foundational key to all success."
    -written by Pablo Picasso

    So, even at times when you feel like your blog is going no where.. you should continue to motivate yourself to continue developing your blog.

    There are thousands of blogs that spring up over night, and thousands more that fail each day.

    Who said that these bloggers had to be failures?

    No one! People choose to give up on their dreams, and in the end.. they are the ones who find failure in themselves. Success could be just around the corner. You just have to push forward.

    My dear bloggers, keep your heads up and continue to follow your dreams.

    Best of wishes.
    Your dear friend.
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