Success 201 - Protecting Assets, Eliminating Liabilities And Becoming Organised.

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    What can i say, i have been on BHW for a while but i have never shared much - this is about to change as i have had some experiences recently; which have led me to this.

    This post is aimed at maybe the noobs, but more for those who have just graduated from bhw nursery school - when i say graduated, i am talking bout members who have just started earning some money with methods they got from here or otherwise.

    Today, i want to talk about "assets and liabilities". In short - an assest puts money in your pocket, while liabilities do otherwise. So, clearly an asset is any site or page that puts money in your pocket, while a liability is a site or method you have been working on for ages with no success e.t.c

    I hate long paragraph's so i made a short list :

    1.Protecting Assets:

    (i). Make sure you sites or page have strong security, all plugins updated, delete themes and plugins your not using. see here :-

    (ii). Get a public email - this is something everyone can see, this email will be used to forward everything to your private email. Make sure you set your public email to delete after forwarding.

    (iii). If you cannot make money without investing - you cant make money with money. U have to become resourceful, if you're going to last in this game or move to the next level. What happens if all your income wipes out in a day (its not impossible - it happens all the time.) So, you need to learn to make money without spending a dime on services.

    2. Becoming Organised: Learn to use excel, i hated it - in the beginning until i found out how it kept me organized. My logins, plans e.t.c.Excel should be used to keep a log of everything you do. From site names, to urls, passwords, ip's and other activities. Make sure you keep a log of your activities. When you did this , why you did that. Also keep a log of bad things that happen - the time, site and possible cause. This will protect you in the future and let you have a sense of control .

    3. Liabilities: You can avoid this by starting small, start by choosing easy task's or projects. Then sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm on all possible routes to achieve it, then pick the most logical route.

    4. Spend more time learning SEO: Dont buy or download any books - cos everything can be found in BHW's threads. I know sometimes it is hard to find specific threads but use google to find it
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    5.Eliminating Liabilities: Remember, your excel log files ! You can use it to trace liabilities - pages or sites or projects not performing or costing you "T.I.M.E". If a site cannot pay for itself - kill it. Don't waste time or money on non-performers.

    6.Recommended Listening: Search youtube for the following
    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Richest Man in Babylon
    Think and grow rich


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