Sub-affiliates? $75 per Lead. Method / Would Anyone Have Interest?

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    Couldn't post in JV (not enough posts?), but this isn't a JV yet either. I'm more bouncing ideas off you guys and seeing if anyone would have interest.

    -The story: I'm an affiliate at a network, have a specialized lead payout with a merchant who I've been with for 4 years, which is much higher than what you normally can receive. I've been thinking of outsourcing and being generous in the payout. I've emailed, spoken on the phone with them, etc. and so far, I haven't really gotten any answers.. just a we'll look in to it (at least four months of looking in to it!).

    They've actually been difficult whenever I've wanted to communicate with them.. but they always pay. So, I'm thinking screw it, I'll just move forward on my own (and after reading this forum I've figure out how I think).

    I can get an affiliate link with an ID for each affiliate, have that link on my domain which will switch the referrer to my domain, while sub affiliates drive traffic with a link I'd given to them (which goes to the affiliate link ID that would be their's). So to them it looks like it is coming from my website, but I'll know who made what (uh.. need to learn to set up the referral though lol).

    -Pros: I'm thinking I'll offer a base $75 per lead with bonuses based on # of leads.

    *Leads are a full submit, which the company than followups by phone. So they need to be real.
    *Would need to figure out a way to show people what they've earned.. I don't expect anyone to just trust me. Screen shot? Record logging in and show payout? But then people could see what everyone is making.
    *The Network doesn't "lock in" leads to the 20th of the next month and I usually don't get the check for about a week afterwards. Wouldn't be able to pay until I've cashed it. So that might be a bit slow for some people.
    *They don't allow incentive traffic, but whatever you do to drive leads, as long as it doesn't get back to them, works for me (pro?).

    I am still a noob to the "blackhat" side of things and without the company's okay, I figure this is the method I need to go in. If some join and do well, it would up my leads so they might investigate, so need to cloak to my domain I think (although recently I got a double lead from the same person, and they never caught it.. so who knows if they wouldl).

    Anyway thoughts? Any interest? Or lack of true tracking, delayed payment, and my new status would keep everyone away? No worries, I'm a big boy if that's a case, I can handle my idea being torn up. :)
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